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Dong Bei Restaurant @ Jalan Changkat Thambi Dollah, Kuala Lumpur
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Dong Bei Restaurant @ Jalan Changkat Thambi Dollah, Kuala Lumpur

Dong Bei Restaurant

No 148, Jalan Changkat Thambi Dollah, Off Jalan Pudu
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel : 603-2148 7694


The Chinese foods here at Dong Bei Restaurant are mostly authentic home cooked dishes originate from the North East part of China.

Using quite a lot of chilies and peppercorns in the cooking for that spicy hot, this is because the people there is getting extra heat through daily foods consuming to stay warm under the cold climate.

However, the heat and oiliness has been toned down here at Dong Bei to better suit the local’s taste buds. Feel free to let the chef know while ordering if you would like to try the original version though.


Bean Curd Dong Bei Style (RM18)

An interesting appetizer with a hint of spiciness from the chili oil, this Bean Curd Dong Bei Style was a mixed of raw bean curd strips and crispy cucumber with coriander topped as garnishing. To get close to its origin taste, they need to source the raw bean curd directly from China.


Dong Bei Da La Pi Sheet with Cucumber Salad (RM14)

This is a Dong Bei signature cold dish. The ‘Da La Pi’ sheet is soft jelly alike with chewy texture and very rare in Malaysia, therefore chef need to make it at kitchen using potato starch water as the main ingredient. Eat together with the crunchy cucumber and carrot slices; it was indeed an interesting dish to try out.


Boiled Fish with Sour Cabbage and Spicy Soup (RM32)

I can have this soup alone for my whole dinner! Love the spicy sourish taste that definitely open up one’s palate to a scrumptious meal. Cooked with sour cabbage and fresh boiled fish, this dish was varnish fast within few rounds passing among the diners.


Crisp Potato (RM18)

This would make a nice snack for the drinking session. Potato slices fried till golden brown crisp and infused with the fragrantly taste of dried chili. Not too overpowering spicy, but definitely keep you bite after bite!


Stir Fried Sauerkraut with Glass Noodles (RM18)

With homemade sauerkraut (finely cut cabbage that has been fermented) added to this dish, it is surely another palate-open food with sourish in taste. To give it more bite texture, chef stir fried it with glass noodle and slices of meat.


Stewed Eggplant, Bean, Potato and Meat in Dong Bei Style (RM25)

Back at their province, because of the poor condition in previous time, the housewife will sometimes cooks a big pot of stew dish that include whatever vegetables or meats that she has.

This dish now is one of the signature in Dong Bei cuisine, stew in slow fire with main ingredients like pumpkin, eggplant, bean, potato, corn and meat, it tasted naturally sourish sweet from the flavor of mix veggies. Nice gravy for your next bowl of rice too.


Ma Po Tofu (RM12)

A famous Szechuan dish, love this satiny-smooth Ma Po Tofu that goes very well with my white rice. Look spicy hot in this fiery red? No worry, chef had already toned down its spiciness to our local’s acceptance level.


Stir Fried Vegetables (RM28)

A simple yet full of ‘wok hei’ stir fried vegetables with really crunchy lotus roots, prawns, and black fungus. Slightly oily for my preference but still acceptable since I had it with white rice.


Hot & Spicy Seafood (RM28)

Cooked together with lots of dried chills and peppercorns, but surprisingly it did not taste as sharp spicy as it thought, the prawns just nicely infused with the aromatic dried chili’s flavor. It was one of the highlights at the dinner as everyone seemed to draw by its irresistible fragrance.


Sweet & Sour Pork (RM18)

Fried till crispy golden brown, the highlight of this pork dish was its sweet and sour sauce. It was so nice till I use it as dip sauce for other fried foods as well.


Dumplings (RM8 for 10 pieces)

Wrapped with slightly thick skin, these dumplings that stuffed with juicy meat filling inside were steamed to cook. Dip the dumplings into the ginger-vinegar sauce to bring out more the flavor of its meat filling.


Fried Dumplings (RM10 for 10 pieces)

Wrapped with slightly thick skin, these dumplings that stuffed with juicy meat filling inside were pan fried in slow fire till light crispy golden brown at the bottom side.


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