Brandy Lim As De Beauty Reborn Nutri Bifidus’s Spokesperson

Brandy Lim As De Beauty Reborn Nutri Bifidus’s Spokesperson
03 May

Hong Kong Model Brandy Lim Commands Five-Figure Sum As De Beauty Reborn Nutri Bifidus’s Spokesperson

Since its launch in December 2012, De Beauty Reborn Lecithin Green Coffee received superb response from the public with strong sales growth. Distributor De Beauty intends to ride on this popularity wave by bringing in another highly-recommended detox slimming product De Beauty Reborn Nutri Bifidus to increase its market share among the weight and health conscious consumers in Malaysia. Highlighting the products’ beauty benefits, De Beauty has engaged young Hong Kong model Brandy Lim to be the spokesperson. She will be present at the product’s launch and signing ceremony at D’Balcony Bistro & Bar, Publika.

De Beauty Reborn Nutri Bifidus is a detox slimming product that helps to achieve a svelte figure, and eradicates stubborn fats that are commonly located at stomach, thighs, hips, arms and waist areas. Brandy Lim, who recently played the leading female character in Eric Lim’s music video, was happy to be the spokesperson for this product, and honored to be given the opportunity to work with De Beauty. She has personally gone through trials-and-errors on weight loss regime, and now armed with the correct information on how to stay slim the healthy way, she wants to share her knowledge and help those struggling with weight issues. She reiterated that Reborn coffee is not a form of diet pills, but to replace her black-coffee drinking habit. In fact, consuming black coffee for a long period of time can cause gastric problem, and dehydrates your skin. However with Reborn coffee to burn fats and reduce weight, modern adults who loves coffee living a hectic schedule can now turn to this product that is healthy and convenient.

Women who wish to achieve and maintain a slimmer figure need to do so healthily and avoid all forms of crash diet. Nutrients are vital to new mothers who have just given birth and still growing teenagers. Brandy’s key advice is to go on healthy diet, exercise and eat healthily. For a start, develop a habit of having a healthy breakfast and a cup of Reborn Coffee.

According to De Beauty Sales Manager Jak Tan, “We chose Brandy because of her healthy body image and warm personality. Moreover, she has been to Tokyo to further her modeling career after she was crowned Miss Malaysia. It is not easy to survive in Japan’s entertainment industry and I am sure she had a tough time establishing her career. Under strict scrutiny, she was put through career-moulding training while maintaining her body image. Brandy can be considered as a weight loss expert after spending a year studying nutrition in Japan. After we’ve spoken with her, we found out that Brandy used to drink Reborn Coffee in Japan several few years ago. After she has decided to come back to explore her career opportunities in Malaysia, she’s the obvious candidate to be our spokesperson.” He also hoped that Reborn Coffee will encourage its consumers to stay fit and slim the healthy way.



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