An All New Pizza Hut Delivery – A Delightful Convergence

An All New Pizza Hut Delivery – A Delightful Convergence
07 Jun

No More Confusion, Only A Better Solution!

It has now become much easier for Pizza Hut lovers to order their favorite mouth-watering pizzas online or through the telephone. Having a meal at any Pizza Hut dine-in restaurant or ordering your favourite pizza will now be a breeze as both Pizza Hut and Pizza Hut Delivery is now united as ONE brand.

It is ONE all the way for Pizza Hut… ONE number – 1300-88-2525, ONE online website – and ONE Facebook page – Pizza Hut Malaysia, offering the same great pizzas. Pizza Hut will also be offering 18 new delectable pizzas for customers to choose from, providing more choices to suit customers’ ever-changing needs.

Datuk Ahmad Zaki Zahid, Managing Director of QSR Brands (M) Holdings Sdn Bhd, operator of Pizza Hut Malaysia believes, the convergence would appeal to all consumers, particularly young adults, as everyone is always on the go and may prefer to have food delivered to them once they reach their home or destination.

“We hear and understand the frequent confusion of our customers about having two different brands, websites, numbers and menus. Therefore, in the best interest of our customers, we decided that it’s best to come back united as one brand, one number, one website, one Facebook page, offering the same great pizzas”, he added at the Pizza Hut convergence launch at Cathay Cineleisure today.

Zaki further elaborated that the team at Pizza Hut “put our heads together to simplify things to offer the best experience for our customers. Today, we are proud to say that Pizza Hut is united, as one brand. Either way, it’s the same great pizzas that you enjoy, whether in the comfort of your home or at our dine-in restaurants”.

Touching on the “755-2525…special delivery” jingle all Malaysians grew up to, Zaki added that “in line with the convergence, Pizza Hut will be bringing back the Malaysian favourite 2525 number to all Malaysians.”

“From now on, all customers nationwide can call Pizza Hut at 1300-88-2525 for take-away or delivery or order online at So, will this convergence improve the service in terms of a quicker delivery? Definitely, its 30-minutes delivery guaranteed, or get a FREE regular pizza voucher to be redeemed on your next purchase. Delivery is also FREE and pizzas are delivered in Pizza Hut’s signature hot pouch, Hot On Time (HOT), which ensures that the pizzas are kept fresh”.

The existing Pizza Hut Delivery outlets will remain the same, with the only difference being the ability to offer all great tasting “signature” Pizza Hut pizzas that customers love at an affordable price. Pizza Hut Delivery is the largest pizza chain in Malaysia, offering the largest coverage nationwide.

The advertising and promotion budget for the Pizza Hut convergence includes TV commercial, newspaper, radio and online social media announcements, as well as below the line – point of sales material (POSM) and leaflets – for a wider reach to customers with the main objective of educating and creating awareness amongst customers.

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