Tantalizing Taste of Thai @ TEMPTationS, Renaissance Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Tantalizing Taste of Thai @ TEMPTationS, Renaissance Hotel Kuala Lumpur
13 Sep

The Thai Foodscape By Chef Narongsak Boonma And Chef Surin Malila

TEMPTationS Restaurant will take diners on a culinary tour of the Thai foodscape from 10 to 29 September 2013 with visiting chefs – Chef Narongsak Boonma and Chef Surin Malila from the award-winning Renaissance Bangkok Ratchaprasong dishing out some truly tantalizing Thai fare.

Minister-Counsellor of Commercial Office of the Royal Thai Embassy, Miss Vichada Pabunjertkit together with the Director of Tourism Authority of Thailand, Malaysia Mr Suwat Kumwong will be on hand to launch the Tantalizing Taste of Thai promotion.

Emphasizing on lightly prepared dishes with subtle combination of aromatic spices, herbs and market-fresh ingredients, Thai food offers a variety of flavours. During the 20-days promotion, diners can discover authentic Thai dishes such as Yam Nua Yang (Spicy grilled beef salad), Phad Thai (Stir fried noodle with Thai style sauce), Kra Tong Thong (Mince chicken and sweet corn in crispy golden cup), Kang Buad Fuk Thong (Pumpkin in coconut cream), Kao niew tua dum (Sticky rice and black bean in coconut cream) and a lot more at the Dinner Buffet.

Located in the East Wing – Lobby Level of the Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel, TEMPTationS’ Tantalizing Taste of Thai Dinner Buffet is priced at RM109.00++ per person and half price for children aged between 6 and 12 years. It is available from 6.30 to 10.30pm every evening.


Menu On Rotation Basis, 1

Yam Nua Yang – Spicy grilled beef salad
Pla Goong – Spicy mince chicken salad
Yam Som O – Spicy pomelo salad
Nam Prik kapi – Shrimp paste dip
Mhee Grop – Crispy rice noodle

Tom Yam Goong – Spicy river prawn soup

Gang keaw wan Gai – Green curry with chicken
Pla nueng seeiw – Steamed Sea bass with soy sauce
Nue phad prik tai dam – Stir fried beef with black pepper sauce
Pla Muek Phad phung Krari – Stir fried squid with yellow curry
Gai Phad Preawwan – Stir fried chicken with sweet and sour sauce
Goong phad thua lan tao – Stir fried shrimp with garden pea

Kao niew mamuang – Sticky rice with mango
Tub tim grob – Water chestnut dumpling with crush ice
Kluey buad chee – Banana in coconut milk
Bua loy – Dumplings in coconut cream

Phad Thai – Stir fried noodle with Thai style sauce
Som Tam – Spicy papaya salad


Menu On Rotation Basis, 2

Yam Talay – Spicy seafood salad
Lab Pla Muak – Spicy squid salad with mint leave
Pla Gai Yang – Spicy grilled chicken salad
Yam Hua Plee – Spicy banana blossom
Num Prik Mamuang – Spicy mango dip
Kra Tong Thong – Mince chicken and sweet corn in crispy golden cup

Tom Kha Gai – Chicken in coconut milk soup

Gang Phad Nue – Red curry with beef
Pla Tod Sauce Makham – Deep fried fish with tamarind sauce
Gai Phad Med Mamuang – Stir fried chicken with cashew nut
Phad Puk Ruam Mith – Stir fried mixed vegetable with oyster sauce
Nua Phad Prik King – Stir fried beef with red curry paste and long bean
Phad Kaproa Pla Muak – Stir fried squid with hot basil leave

Kao Niew Tua Dum – Sticky rice and black bean in coconut cream
Sakoo Piek Phung – Sago with taro in coconut cream
Kluey Chum – Sweet banana in syrup
Kang Buad Fuk Thong – Pumpkin in coconut cream


Menu On Rotation Basis, 3

Yam Pla Mauk – Spicy squid salad
Pla Hoy – Spicy mush shell salad with lemongrass
Yam Makhau Yao – Spicy grilled eggplants salad
Nam Tok Nua – Spicy grilled beef salad with mint leave
Nam Prik Ong – Northern Thai meat and tomato spicy dip
Sakoo Sai Gai – Tapioca balls with chicken filling

Tom Zap Nua – Spicy beef soup

Masaman Kae – Masaman curry with lamb
Pla Nuang Manow – Steamed Sea bass with lime sauce
Panang Nua – Panang curry with beef
Phad Kaplao Talay – Stir fried seafood with hot basil
Broccoli Phad Goong – Stir fried broccoli with shrimp
Gai Kha Team – Stir fried chicken with garlic

Fuk Thong Chuam – Pumpkin in syrup
Woon Kati – Coconut jelly
Sang Kayha Fuk Thong – Steamed whole pumpkin with coconut custard
Bua Loy Phuak – Taro balls in coconut cream


Menu On Rotation Basis, 4

Lab Nua – Spicy mince beef with mint leave
Pla Pla Muk – Spicy squid salad with lemongrass
Yam Gai Tod – Spicy chicken salad
Yam Kapoa Pla – Spicy fish maw salad
Nam Prik Goong Sod – Fresh Shrimp dip
Kao Tang Na Tang – Rice cracker with peanut sauce

Tom Yam Gai – Spicy chicken soup

Gang Phad Ped Yang – Red curry with roasted duck
Pla Rad Prik – Deep Fried fish with chili sauce
Gai Phad Khing – Stir fried chicken with ginger
Choo Chee Goong – Red curry with river prawn
Gai Yang Ta Kai – Grilled chicken with lemongrass
Galumplee Phad Nam Pla – Stir fried cabbaged with fish sauce

Sakoo Kaw Phod – Sago with sweet corn in coconut cream
Mon Chuam – Sweet potato in syrup
Kao Niew Peak Mapraw – Sticky rice with yong coconut cream
Gang Buad Phuak – Taro in coconut cream


Menu On Rotation Basis, 5

Pla Talay – Spicy seafood salad with lemongrass
Yam Sam Grob – Spicy tripple crispy salad
Lab Gai Tod – Spicy fried chicken salad
Goong Manow – Spicy shrimp salad with sweet beef
Nam Prik Long Rua – Chili dip with sweet beef
Rhum – Mince shrimp wrapped in egg net

Poh Tak –Spicy seafood in clear soup

Gang Ka Ree Kai – Yellow curry with chicken
Pla Phad Preaw Wan – Stir fried fish with sweet and sour sauce
Nua Phad Nam Man Hoy – Stir fried beef with oyster sauce
Kai Look Keay – Egg with Tamarind sauce
Phad Cha Talay – Stir fried seafood with Thai herb
Dohkalum Phad Hoy Shell – Stir fried cauliflower with scallop

Gang Buad Mon – Sweet potato in coconut cream
Tao Suan – Sweet mung bean with cocnut cream
Puak Chuam – Taro in syrup
Khanom Maw Gang – Mung bean Thai custrad


For further enquiries and restaurant reservations, please call 03 2162 2233 or email [email protected] We recommend that you book early to avoid disappointing your palate.


More photos at FOOD Msia Facebook page

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