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Cheesy Bites Trio by Pizza Hut
10 Oct

Cheesy Bites Trio by Pizza Hut

Three Sumptuous Flavours In One Pizza

The new Cheesy Bites Trio, a revamp on one of Pizza Hut’s most successful creations – The Cheesy Bites – is back in style with three new delightful sprinkles and two types of delicious cheese stuffing to boot, offering three times the fun in one totally delicious pizza!

Featuring two different types of cheese stuffing – cream cheese and the 3-flavour cheese, it also comes with three types of sprinkles on the crust bites – roasted sesame seed, spicy Chipotle and Parmesan Cheese. Topped with delicious chicken strips and mushrooms on a bed of creamy alfredo sauce, the pizza is guaranteed to shock your taste buds!

“The new Cheesy Bites Trio offers three flavours giving it three times the fun. With this amount of variety in just one single pizza, we have made it easier for our fans to choose and agree on,” said Low Kang Moon, Senior General Manager, Pizza Hut Malaysia.

The Pizza Hut Cheesy Bites Trio can be purchased at an affordable price of RM29.90 (Regular) and RM38.90 (Large) for a’la carte.

For VALUE SEEKERS, there is the Cheesy Bites Trio 1 (for 2 persons), which comprises of one regular Cheesy Bites Trio Pizza, two soup-of-the-day, one piece of garlic bread, and two glasses of Mountain Dew all for the price of RM32.90 (saves RM11.40). For a bigger eat, Cheesy Bites Trio 2 (for 4 persons) includes one large Cheesy Bites Trio Pizza, four soup-of-the-days, one piece of Garlic Bread and one pitcher of Mountain Dew all for the price of RM48.90 (saves RM15.80). All prices are applicable to all stores in Peninsular Malaysia except for KLCC and Genting Highlands.

Pizza Hut Cheesy Bites Trio Pizza will be available at all Pizza Hut outlets in the country starting 10th Oct and will be available for a limited time only, so customers wanting to sink their teeth into this delicious new pizza better hurry!


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