The New KFC Crazy Crunch

The New KFC Crazy Crunch
24 Oct

The Latest Creation KFC Crazy Crunch With A Uniquely Indescribable Taste

Accompanying the new KFC Crazy Crunch are two new items, the delicious butterscotch bun and Sjora Mango Peach drink that pleasurably complements the fried chicken.

Targeted at teens and young adults who are always experimenting with their taste buds, the new KFC Crazy Crunch is daring all KFC fans to try something really different this time.

“The new KFC Crazy Crunch literally fit its tagline: ‘It’s indescribable’, especially when trying to utter it with words. You must taste it for yourself to experience the uniqueness. For those who love their fried chicken richer in aroma and flavour, this new product is a must-try,” said Ling Mee Jiuan, Senior Vice President, KFC Malaysia at the launch of the new product at KFC Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur today.

“KFC Malaysia is constantly inventing new flavours to suit the taste buds and preference of our local Malaysians. Previously we had the Spicy Korean Crunch that wowed every Malaysian with its out-of-this-world spiciness. We also launched the KFC Flaming Crunch in 2012, and KFC Tom Yum Crunch way back in 2011, which were also a big hit. The new KFC Crazy Crunch is our gift to our KFC die-hard fans out there,” she added.

The new KFC Crazy Crunch is available in the Snack Plate: ‘Combo A’ at RM11.80 as well as Dinner Plate ‘Combo B’ at RM14.90 inclusive of regular sides of whipped potato and coleslaw, one Butterscotch Bun and one regular size Sjora Mango Peach drink. The KFC Crazy Crunch is also available in larger eats: ‘Feast A’ (for four to five pax) which includes nine pieces of KFC Crazy Crunch fried chicken, one large size whipped potato, one large size coleslaw and a bottle of Pepsi (1.5L). ‘Feast B’ includes 15 pieces of chicken, two large size whipped potato, one large size coleslaw and a bottle of Pepsi (1.5L) at RM59.90 for seven to nine pax. All prices are applicable to all stores in Peninsular Malaysia except for KLCC and Genting Highlands.

To ensure KFC fans have a wider selection of fried chicken to select from, the Hot & Spicy as well as Original Recipe chicken will be available during this promotion period. Customers can opt to upgrade to Crazy Crunch from the existing menu of Original and Hot & Spicy for an extra charge of RM0.15 per piece.

The new KFC Crazy Crunch is now available at all KFC restaurants in the country for a limited duration of two months, starting from 24 October 2013, while stocks last, so you better hurry!

In line with the promotion, customers will be able to tell KFC what Crazy Crunch tastes like. Customers just need to tag #crazycrunch on their video to win weekly prizes. For further information, visit:

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