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A Chewy Combo Affair For The Holiday Season
01 Jan

A Chewy Combo Affair For The Holiday Season

Taste Adventure In Every Bite!

KFC has done it again, bringing back the chewy cheese to its menu range. This delightful product was created last year and due to the positive response it got and the multiple requests received asking for a comeback; KFC has decided to give the people of Malaysia what they have been waiting for.

The KFC Chewy Cheese is a crunchy mozzarella ball packed with soft cheesy filling and fried to perfection, served together with Malaysia’s all-time favourite, the KFC Hot & Spicy chicken.

With the tagline of “Taste Adventure In Every Bite!” a bite of KFC Chewy Cheese is so good that you will want to eat it first! It is crunchy on the outside but when you bite into it, the Chewy Cheese is so cheesy and delicious. The aroma of the mozzarella cheese is sure to whet your appetite and enjoyed together with the KFC Hot & Spicy chicken, it is the perfect combination!

“The KFC Chewy Cheese is sure to provide a tantalizing experience, and once customers start eating it, they will keep asking for more”, said Ling Mee Jiuan, Senior Vice President, KFC Malaysia.

The KFC Chewy Cheese a’la carte is available in two sizes; regular (6 pieces) price starting from RM5.50 and large (10 pieces) starting from RM9.00 (price may vary by location).

Meanwhile, the KFC Chewy Cheese Combo is available for RM9.95. This combo comes with 1 regular carbonated drink, 2 pieces of KFC Hot & Spicy chicken and 3 pieces of KFC Chewy Cheese. Customer can also choose to add on regular coleslaw and a regular whipped potato at RM2.00.

The KFC Chewy Cheese Feast is available for a feast of 4 to 5 people as well. This KFC Chewy Cheese Feast contains 9 pieces of KFC Hot & Spicy chicken, KFC Signature sides and 1 1.5L Pepsi at the affordable price of RM39.90.

Besides the KFC Chewy Cheese Combo and KFC Chewy Cheese Feast, KFC is also introducing the KFC Holiday Bucket which is available from 12 December 2013 onwards in conjunction with the school holiday season. The selling price of KFC holiday bucket starts from RM39.90 onwards.

All prices stated here are valid in Peninsular Malaysia (except Legoland, Genting, KLIA and LCCT).



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