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Bulgogi Brothers Offers “Hanjeongsik” Feast For Two
27 Mar

Bulgogi Brothers Offers “Hanjeongsik” Feast For Two

Bulgogi Brothers invites food enthusiasts to savour a plethora of Korean flavours at a special price

Bulgogi Brothers has revealed an exciting new “Feast for 2” promotion where diners can indulge in four dishes comprising one delicious appetizer, one signature barbecue dish, one irresistible stew or mixed rice dish and one slurpilicious noodle dish at a reasonable price of RM69.90++.

“Our new “Feast for 2” promotion invites patrons to embark on a tantalising, flavourful gastronomic experience known as “Hanjeongsik” in Korea where they can taste the different flavours and textures of a traditional Korean meal in one seating,” said Raymond Liew, Marketing Director of Chaswood Resources Sdn Bhd.

With this promotion, patrons can choose from and combine any of the four different appetizers with any of the four varieties of barbecue, three varieties of stew, three varieties of rice and three noodle options on offer to create a sumptuous meal.

Diners can begin their gastronomic journey by sharing the much-loved Seafood Pancake; a “must have” Korean-style pancake with fresh seafood and green onions; Beef Tartare, a special dish of seasoned chilled imported raw beef with fresh pears and cucumbers; Tofu with Chicken, a platter of crispy fried tofu with grilled chicken, drizzled with teriyaki sauce; or Crispy Chicken with Leeks Salad, featuring a bowl of fried chicken cutlets with chili sauce served on top fresh leeks in sweet fruit dressing.

Following that, BBQ lovers will be able to savour the best of Bulgogi Brothers from a selection of premium BBQ dishes such as the Bulgogi Brothers Special Barbecue which offers an assorted bulgogi combination of seasoned beef, lovingly hand-pressed into heart shapes and thinly sliced beef served with mushrooms, sweet potatoes, leeks and onions; the Spicy Chicken Bulgogi with juicy chicken thighs marinated in special spicy Bulgogi sauce, served with a medley of vegetables and rice cakes; the Seoulsik Bulgogi, a favourite of many customers with thinly sliced beef marinated in a sauce made from apples and pears, served with glass noodles, enoki mushrooms, leeks and onions and simmered in broth; and the Beef Brisket Bulgogi, seasoned sliced beef brisket served with onions, bean sprouts and cilantro.

The second main course of the meal may comprise of either bibimbap or stew. Patrons who enjoy mixed rice dishes may opt for either the Beef or Chicken Bibimbap which is rice topped with beef or chicken Bulgogi and vegetables with spicy sauce on the side; or Fried Egg Bibimbap, which is a vegetarian dish of rice with fried egg, vegetables and Bulgogi Brothers sauce.

Alternatively, those with a preference for hearty stews can select from a range of yummy chili-infused bowls such as the Chicken Stew, a slow-cooked soybean paste stew with grilled chicken and vegetables; the Minced Beef Stew, featuring traditional Korean soybean paste stew with minced beef, chillies and tofu; and the Spicy Kimchi Stew which is essentially spicy broth with tofu and rice cakes. All stews are served with a bowl of rice.

End your meal with scrumptious noodles. Dinners can choose to share either the Spicy Cold Noodles, which is a platter of cold noodles served in spicy sauce and topped with shredded zucchini, kimchi, bean sprouts and eggs; Pan-fried Glass Noodles, a dish of delicate glass noodles served with beef, onion, bell peppers and dressed in soy sauce; or Korean Party Noodles, a celebration dish served with anchovy broth and garnished with zucchini, seaweed, kimchi and shredded egg.

Patrons who enjoy the restaurant’s all-time favourites like Spicy Chicken Skewers, Beef Platter and Seafood Stew may still order them from the regular menu.

“We aim to create a unique cultural experience by offering the “Hanjeongsik” experience. We believe that our patrons will not only immerse themselves in the new culture but also enjoy every last morsel of our dishes while spending quality time with their loved ones,” added Liew.

The “Feast for 2” promotion is offered at all Bulgogi Brothers Korean BBQ Restaurants in Malaysia on weeknights from March to May 2014.Bulgogi Brothers is open daily including Saturdays and Sundays from 11 a.m. till 10 p.m. (except for Mid Valley outlet) and accepts all major credit cards.

For enquiries, kindly contact the individual Bulgogi Brothers outlets in the Klang Valley at 03-7722 3633 ([email protected]); 03-2282 2292 (Mid Valley); 03-7887 3543 (Paradigm Mall) and 03-2141 9620 (Pavilion KL) or log on to www.bulgogibros.com.my or facebook.com/BulgogiBros.My

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