Nestlé Aiskrim Goreng

Nestlé Aiskrim Goreng
19 Mar

Nestlé’s “Hottest Aiskrim In Town” Nestlé Aiskrim Goreng Receives Overwhelming Response

Nestlé, the leading ice-cream manufacturer in Malaysia, known for its quality and trusted brands recently introduced its newest product the Aiskrim Goreng in Malaysia and has received overwhelming response from Malaysian consumers. Launched in January 2014, Nestlé Aiskrim Goreng is well received by members of public.

Nestlé Aiskrim Goreng Vanilla

Nestlé Aiskrim Goreng Chocolate

Nestlé Aiskrim Goreng is a quick yet delicious snack to be enjoyed hot with the family. The 8 seconds snack which comes in two flavours chocolate and vanilla is Nestle’s newest product that is hot and has a crispy breaded coating wrapped around cold and creamy Nestlé ice cream, which makes it the ideal snack for Malaysians to satisfy their taste buds.

“Nestlé is proud to announce its take on a local dessert which can be enjoyed as a snack with the whole family in the convenience of their homes. It is a new way to enjoy ice cream which is easily prepared in 8 seconds. Aiskrim Goreng is quality ice cream which is best enjoyed hot,” said April Wong, Consumer Marketing Manager Ice Cream, Nestlé Products Sdn Bhd.

She further commented that Nestlé remains committed to be the trusted brand of generations in Malaysia and continues to delight and excite more Malaysians by creating more quality ice cream.

“Nestlé is proud to give our own unique twists to the dessert by tapping into the local-foods movement,” said Wong.

Malaysians can purchase the ice cream goreng at a promotional price of RM9.90 (normal retail price RM10.50) from January to March 2014 at all leading Malaysian hypermarkets and supermarkets nationwide.

The Aiskrim Goreng is available in a pack of six comes in two flavours chocolate and vanilla, is a snack which is enjoyed for those who are on the go. For those who would love to enjoy the hottest ice cream in town, Nestle Aiskrim Goreng is now available in catering packs and will be sold by restaurants, cafes and kiosks nationwide.

For more information on Nestlé, visit Nestlé’s website at or Nestlé’s Malaysia Facebook page at

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