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New Zinger Reloaded Burger @ KFC Malaysia
03 Mar

New Zinger Reloaded Burger @ KFC Malaysia

More ‘Zing’ In KFC’s New Zinger Reloaded Burger

The classic KFC Zinger burger we all love so much now comes with an added ‘zing’ making it much more ama’zing’ than your ordinary chicken burger!

Presenting the new Zinger Reloaded Burger, with the tasty juicy zinger fillet placed in between two oblong buns, layered with tasty onion rings and loaded with a special flavourful sauce, the burger is so delicious it will tantalize your taste buds. You’ll just have to try it yourself! It goes very well with the new potato sides along with a carbonated drink.

“With the tagline ‘All Flavour All Zing’ the new Zinger comes with a new exciting twist. KFC’s juicy chicken fillet fried to perfection, delicious onion rings that pairs just right with the chicken, and the flavourful special sauce which adds a whole lot of flavour, packed between a warm oblong bun,” said Ling Mee Jiuan, Senior Vice President, KFC Malaysia.

“We figured out that the younger generation has a much more creative palate and with this thought we have decided to take something traditional and give it a funky twist, hence the creation of the Zinger Reloaded. We are confident that this product would definitely be a hit among teens and young working adults who are always on the lookout for something simple yet satisfying to eat,” she added.

The KFC Zinger Reloaded is available ala’ carte at RM8.00 and in a combo that includes 4 pcs of potato hash rounds and one regular soft drink at an all affordable price of RM 9.95. For a bigger eat, the hotbox version with the addition of one piece chicken is also available at a cost of only RM11.85. (Price may vary according to location).

The KFC Zinger Reloaded is now available at all KFC restaurants in the country from 4 March 2014 while stocks last.

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