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“Back To Basics” With A Twist @ Genji Japanese Restaurant, Hilton Petaling Jaya
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“Back To Basics” With A Twist @ Genji Japanese Restaurant, Hilton Petaling Jaya

Genji Japanese Restaurant

2, Jalan Barat
46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel : 603-7955 9122 ext 4071
FB : Hilton Petaling Jaya

Business Hours :
Mon – Sun


Simply Authentic with Bold and Robust Flavors

Genji Japanese Restaurant at Hilton Petaling Jaya now boasts a new fusion Japanese menu inspired by two of the biggest cities in Japan – Tokyo and Osaka. With its “Back To Basics” philosophy, the menu focuses on delivering authentic dishes with a mix of traditional artistry and pops of bold and robust flavors to excite the taste buds of local Japanese food lovers.

In Osaka, the cuisine capital of old Japan, simplicity is its own beauty as a milder palette of flavors and a light touch is used to bring out the core flavors of each dish prepared. Tokyo, in contrast is the fast paced and vibrant young city which features bold and strong flavors in its food. Together, these two distinctive styles create an eclectic menu of contradictions. Mild and bold, rich and light, traditional and modern, all rooted in the origins of these two great cities.

Meticulously prepared by the culinary team led by Chef Richard Teoh, Head Chef of Genji Japanese Restaurant, a bevy of exciting new dishes are presented to compliment Genji’s existing all-time favorites in Hilton Petaling Jaya’s gastronomic journey of culinary delights.


Trio Appetiser

We had this trio appetiser to begin with our Omakase Kaizeki gastronomic experience. Chef prepared Maki Tamago, the egg roll with flavorsome unagi filling, Chuka Kurage, marinated jellyfish with a hint of spiciness, and Ika Tobiko Ai, chewy marinated squid with flying fish roe.

* Omakase Kaizeki, which literally translates to “I will leave it to you”, is a set menu where chef showcases his culinary skills while preparing a meal in accordance with the fresh ingredients of the day. Reservation of one day in advance for group dining is advisable.


Kimchi Salad

Refreshing mixed greens in a special house dressing. Nice balance of textures and flavors, with a hint of spiciness from the tangy in-house marinated Kimchi. Appetizing!


Sashimi and Sushi Platter

To me somehow, it is not a satisfying Japanese meal without the fresh sashimi and sushi in vinegared rice. Enough for sharing among 3-4 pax, some of the highlights of this sashimi and sushi platter that chef recommended was the Toro (Fatty Tuna Belly) and avocado wrapped in kampachi and soft shell crab roll. Beautifully plated to thrill the eyes and appetite, this definitely crowns the most talk-about dish of the night!


Kaizen Mushi

A very pleasant clear soup that Japanese usually have it during the winter season. Kaizen Mushi, a combination of prawns, salmon, scallops, and mussels steamed with assorted vegetables and mushrooms. Although light in texture, but I really enjoyed the natural sweetness taste, essence from the steamed fresh ingredients.

It comes with Ponzu, a tart citrusy dipping sauce that mixed with grated radishes, yuzu skin and a dash of tabasco, which adds a depth of flavor to the soup for those who have a heavier tastebuds preference.


Kaki Chilli Mayo

Oh I love this Kaki Chilli Mayo so much, the fresh and soft US Oyster with chef own made mayo topping that comes with a hint of chili padi kick. Can I have another please?


Gindara Teriyaki

One of my favorites on this Omakase menu is this Gindara Teriyaki, a cod fish in flavorsome Teriyaki sauce and placed on top a radish, Nameko mushroom and spinach puree.


Azuki Banana Dorayaki

We had this Azuki Banana Dorayaki to wrap up our lovely meal here at Genji. Not too overwhelm sweet in overall taste, chef wrapped the banana in own-made Dorayaki, a Japanese pancake, together with my favorite red bean paste. Not enough? Goma ice cream was served at side as well to complete our Japanese dessert indulgence.


For reservations or inquiries, please contact Genji Japanese Restaurant at 603 7955 9122 ext 4071 or visit Hilton Petaling Jaya’s F&B blog, www.ZestPJ.com for the latest F&B and entertainment promotions. Also, visit www.petaling-jaya.hilton.com for more information on Hilton Petaling Jaya’s other products and services.


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