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Japanese Rice Burgers @ Sushi King
12 May

Japanese Rice Burgers @ Sushi King

A Healthier Way to Satisfy Your Cravings

Lovers of burgers behold the latest offering from Sushi King! Tantalise your taste buds with Sushi King’s unique and delicious healthy Japanese rice burgers! Savour the taste of the soft and chewy bites of grilled Japonica rice patties, served with 5 different savoury fillings according to your preference.


Chicken Katsu Rice Burger (RM6)

Enjoy the crunchiness of the chicken katsu, a deep fried breaded chicken fillet, which comes with a hint of spice. Served with fresh lettuce and mayonnaise on top, it is quite filling for my appetite.


Yakiniku Rice Burger (RM7)

Try this if you are a fan of beef, the Yakiniku rice burger with marinated pan-fried beef slices. Accompanied by fresh lettuce and mayonnaise, the meat was not too rough and dry for my liking.


Saba Teriyaki Rice Burger (RM10 ; Seasonal Item)

Grilled to perfection, savor the sweet and juicy delightful blend of mackerel with teriyaki sauce that served on the delicious rice patties and accompanied with fresh lettuce.


Salmon Wasabi Rice Burger (RM9 ; Seasonal Item)

Get the extra kick with Salmon Wasabi Rice Burger, which the juicy flame-grilled salmon belly has marinated wasabi and spicy sauce placed on top.


Salmon Rice Burger (RM8 ; Seasonal Item)

For those who prefer cooked salmon, the Salmon Rice Burger is definitely made for you, with a succulent piece of salmon steak, accompanied with fresh lettuce and a tinge of spicy sauce and mayonnaise.


To complement the revolutionary burger, Sushi King introduces the yummy crispy Pumpkin Tempura that is sure to send you to gourmet paradise. Complete your Rice Burger meal with the pumpkin tempura and miso soup with an additional RM6! The pumpkin tempura and miso soup are also available for a la carte order at RM5 and RM3 respectively.

In conjunction with the Rice Burger promotion, Sushi King is taking the selfie trend up a notch with the Rice Burger SELFIE contest. Simply snap a picture of yourself enjoying any one of the delicious rice burgers and post it on Instagram with the hashtag #skriceburgerselfie and be in the running to win a Grand Prize of RM300 complimentary voucher. There’s also a weekly prize of RM50 complimentary vouchers for 8 different winners, one each week!

Indeed, the Rice Burger promotion happening in Sushi King this May and June is definitely not one to be missed so come by and have a try! This seasonal promotion is for a limited time only and valid while stocks last!


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