Mahsuri for Culinary Permaisuri

Mahsuri for Culinary Permaisuri
26 May

Whether It’s Sweet or Spicy, It Can Only Be Mahsuri

It’s a little odd that there’s a lack of spicy soy-based condiments for a Malay audience considering the population’s penchant for piquant flavours. As such, Mahsuri is here to fill in the gaps with the launch of two bold new products to revitalise the Malay home cooking environment: “Manis” and “Pedas”.

Deceptively simple in its presentation and labeling, both products are highly versatile and are specially formulated to appeal to a Malay palate. The launch was also graced by the appearance of award-winning actor Shaheizy Sam, Mahsuri’s brand ambassador, so chosen for his humble yet exhilarating personality that encapsulates what both products are truly about.

Mahsuri is typified by its axiom, Suci Sejahtera, and returns to the essence of Malay home cooking, where food preparation is as sacred as the smiles on those devouring them. From the selection of the freshest locally-sourced ingredients to the chopping board in the kitchen, Mahsuri promises a culinary adventure every Malay cook would be proud to be a part of. Use “Manis” to perfect that Sayur Goreng Campur like mother used to make, or spice up a run-of-the-mill Mee Goreng Mamak with “Pedas” so much so that guests would weep tears of joy.

“For a while now, we [Mahsuri] have been enraptured with the cooking traditions of a typical Malay family, where the preparation of a meal is sacred to a harmonious household,” commented Chan Shiao Chew, Regional Marketing Manager for Mahsuri (Malaysia and Singapore).

“Mahsuri is here to help Malay cooks make confident choices when cooking by offering quality products at reasonable prices. With Suci Sejahtera as our precept, we understand the value of a great home cooked meal to a happy household.”

Suci Sejahtera goes beyond the preparation of true Malay flavours – it’s a culture; a spiritual activity that is fulfilling and nourishing to the mind, body, and soul. It begins at the marketplace where infinite colourful possibilities abound: the freshest of ingredients just waiting to be picked, felt, and brought back home. The journey then continues in the kitchen, where the pan sizzles and the pot whistles, attracting inquisitive glances and goofy smiles as a silver spoon draws closer to a pair of lips, eliciting a gracious moan, signifying a meal cooked to perfection… a meal born from Suci Sejahtera when it is cooked from the heart and soul for loved ones!

“Working as an artist entails identifying with your audience and invoking emotions from within. Just as an actor’s value is appraised by their versatility, be it as a hot-blooded tyrant or the endearing boy next door, so do cooks with their ability to conjure different flavours to suit different palates,” said Shaheizy Sam.

“There are times when all we want is something simple and sweet, but there will be times when we crave for something a little fiery too, being the Malaysians we are. It really is an honour to represent Mahsuri, for I think they’ve managed to create a niche market for themselves, and that we share a common love for cooking.”

Just as life is occasionally sprinkled with sweetness or peppered with spice, so does Mahsuri’s embodiment of such moments with its line of sweet and spicy sauces. Differentiating itself from the crowd of typical sauces available on the market today, Mahsuri spruces up its range with an Asian piquancy that tickles the tip of the palate, leaving people to crave for seconds and thirds.

“We really wanted to play around with the duality manifested by our ‘Manis’ and ‘Pedas’ range of sauces,” added Shiao Chew, “which is why we chose Sam as our ambassador to star in our television commercial singing the legendary P. Ramlee’s reinterpreted jingle, where he’s able to evoke this duality as separate entities that integrate as a single harmonious element when need be.”

Mahsuri is a regional first for sauce expert, Lee Kum Kee, in penetrating the Malay market. Debuting in Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei with a subsequent launch in Indonesia, Mahsuri is slated to become a staple of the Malay household, helping cooks on their culinary pilgrimage and empowering them to chronicle their gastronomic discoveries.

Certified by JAKIM, Mahsuri is wholly halal and has zero tolerance towards preservatives as per their Suci Sejahtera axiom. Mahsuri’s soy sauces are made of non-genetically modified soy beans and all of Mahsuri’s products are available in all major retail outlets in Malaysia (RM5.20 for a 410ml bottle of “Kicap Manis” or “Kicap Manis Pedas”).

In addition to its two popular kitchen standards, the all-time favourites “Manis” and “Pedas” flavoured sauces, Mahsuri is also available in “Tiram” and “Perapan Ayam” to meet a variety of dishes and occasions. With additional flavours in the pipeline coming in the next five [5] years, Mahsuri is all for perfecting recipes and uplifting dishes. To find out more about Mahsuri’s products and Sam’s secret recipes, log on to


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