IKU Japanese Fusion Sushi @ Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya

IKU Japanese Fusion Sushi @ Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya
13 Jun

IKU Japanese Fusion Sushi

No. 21, Jalan SS21/60, Damansara Utama
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel : –
FB : IKU Japanese Fusion Sushi

Business Hours :
Mon – Sun 11 a.m. – 10:30 p.m.


It’s time to ‘Unleash Your Taste’ with IKU Japanese fusion sushi!

Literally means ‘to go or to visit’ in Japanese, IKU is a Japanese fusion restaurant that provides healthy foods in Japanese fusion style at incredibly speedy service.

Located at the busy town of Damansara Uptown, the newly opened IKU is all about healthy Japanese ‘fast food’ to cater the fast paced lifestyle, especially the rushing working crowd around Damansara areas.

Separated into 2 sections, customers can either pick-n-go with their favorite sushi at chiller near the front entrance, or choose to dine-in comfortably at their cozy environment with warm yellow light and simple chic wooden furniture.


Chef Yama is the apprentice of Mr Michihiku Sakakuchi-san, the famous Master Chef from the vibrant New York City. Dedicated Chef Yama learned the art of sushi in Japan from his sensei, and now he has more than 20 years of working experience under his belt and observed the Top 20 chefs within 5 years.

Chef Yama’s creativity in making Japanese fusion foods has drawn attention from one of the World finest Chef Jorge Rodriguez, America’s Top 20 Chefs, and gained rave reviews from the media in USA.

With Chef Yama’s extensive experience and his passion for sushi, besides using the traditional soy sauce and wasabi combo, he created another 10 special sauces to go with the sushi and bento box. “Fusion is in the sauce. I have made 10 different sauces just for the salmon”, said Chef Yama.


IKU offers 5 different types of bento box with delicious ingredients prepared in their signature sauce without burning a hole in your pocket. Comes with lots of flavors, textures and colors, diners can choose from amongst these :

Salmon Teriyaki (RM17.80), served with sliced salmon, edamame, pickles, and Japanese lasagna

Chicken Teriyaki (RM13.80), served with sliced chicken, edamame, pickles, and Japanese lasagna

Sashimi (RM18.80), served with sliced sashimi, edamame, pickles, and Japanese lasagna

IKU Special Ebi Tempura (RM18.80), served with ebi tempura, pickles, salad and Japanese lasagna

IKU Signature (RM16.80), served with sliced fish, pickles, salad and Japanese lasagna


Fusion Salmon Belly Osaka (RM12.80)

Drizzled with Chef Yama’s special sauce, this Salmon Belly Osaka is one of his proud signatures under the Japanese fusion sushi series. I can never forget how the lightly torched fatty salmon belly almost-melt-in-my-mouth when I happily stuffed the whole sushi into my tummy.


Fusion Mango Waikiki (RM8.80)

Another Japanese fusion sushi by the talented Chef Yama, this Mango Waikiki has a sweet sourish enticing taste that gives the overall glutton experience a refreshing one.


Unagi Don (RM26.80)

Served with my favorite unagi in sweet savory teriyaki sauce, this rice dish comes together with Japanese pickles and sliced tamago, plus slices of seaweed and sesame placed on top to enhance the overall flavor.


Japanese Curry Chicken (RM12.80)

Different from our local spicy curry, the Japanese curry sauce has a mild sweetness taste in it. Served with fried chicken karaage and pickles, this is another delightful choice to choose from at IKU if you are in a rush yet want to have a flavorful scrumptious meal.


Cold Soba (RM7.80)

Prawn Soup Noodle (RM12.80)

Seafood Soup Noodle (RM12.80)

For noodle lovers, IKU offers 3 types of slurpilicious noodle dishes, namely Cold Soba that served with fish cake and cut wakame; Prawn Soup Noodle that comes with fresh prawn, sliced egg, sliced naruto maki and fried onion; and last but not least, the Seafood Soup Noodle with sliced naruto maki, crab stick, tempura shrimp and mussel cooked together.


Salmon Porridge (RM5.80)

Not much appetite or prefer a light meal? Try this porridge dish that comes with a big chunk of healthy salmon.


Iced Matcha Green Apple, Iced Matcha Lychee Rose, Iced Matcha Passion Puree (RM5.80)

A hearty meal goes down even better with thirst quenching drinks, like these IKU’s signature recipe beverages that blended with matcha, such as cold and refreshing Iced Matcha Green Apple, Iced Matcha Lychee Rose and Iced Matcha Passion Puree.

Or, for a creamier version, you can try the Matcha Latte, Matcha Chocolate, Matcha Coffee Latte or Matcha White Coffee that priced at RM6.80.


For a Japanese gourmet and healthy experience at an affordable price, IKU is the place!


More photos at FOOD Malaysia facebook page, a Malaysian food blogger since 2010

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