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New KFC Tangy Crunch Chicken @ KFC Malaysia
20 Jun

New KFC Tangy Crunch Chicken @ KFC Malaysia

An Irresistible Combination Of Tangy And Crunch

KFC Malaysia has taken fried chicken to a whole new level with the new KFC Tangy Crunch chicken, a revelation that will definitely liven up your taste buds!


The new Tangy Crunch chicken features an irresistible combination of flavours, from limey to sweet and spicy, and of course, crunchy! It all lies in the tangy marinade that includes lime and a special blend of spices.

“The hero in this creation would be the lime. It provides the tanginess that suits the crunchy fried chicken. This creation is a new taste widely recommended for those who have adventurous taste buds,” said Ling Mee Jiuan, Senior Vice President, KFC Malaysia.

“As Ramadan approaches, we’re glad to be able to offer something different for our fans to enjoy during buka puasa with their friends and families. The Tangy Crunch will still be around on Hari Raya for all to indulge in the company of their loved ones this coming festive season,” she added.


KFC is offering more ways than ever for customers to enjoy the delicious Tangy Crunch chicken – expanding on more combo options. Combo A includes two pieces of Tangy Crunch Chicken, four pieces of Potato Hash-Rounds, one colonel rice, one colonel soup, and one regular ice lemon tea.

Combo B includes three pieces of Tangy Crunch Chicken, one regular Cheezy Wedges, one piece of butterscotch bun, and one regular ice lemon tea.

The Tangy Feast, fit for a group of four to five, includes nine pieces of Tangy Crunch chicken along with sides all for an affordable price of RM39.90 which comes to only RM8.00 per person. Those munching in groups can opt for the Celebration Bucket in choices of Bucket A (six pieces of Tangy Crunch chicken along with sides) and Bucket B (15 pieces of Tangy Crunch chicken along with sides). Both celebration bucket sets consist of one Doraemon travel blanket. The ultra soft, convenient and cuddly blanket is a new item introduced for this promotion and it comes in six attractive designs and colours.


The KFC Tangy Crunch is now available at all KFC restaurants in the country from 20 June 2014.

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