Me & My Argentina Jersey

Me & My Argentina Jersey
14 Jul

Me & My Argentina Jersey

First off, I’m not exactly a very big football fan, nor do I follow regular football news, but this year’s FIFA World Cup Brazil was a whole new experience for me. I got to attend 2 world cup related events, one was the Astro #OlaBola World Cup bloggers’ event and the other was the Domino’s grand finale football viewing party where I caught the awesome Germany vs. Argentina match. These events made my overall world cup experience a memorable one.

Argentina players line up on the pitch for the National Anthem prior to the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Final (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Well, I dun really fancy any team, as to me, the world cup football extravaganza is just a football match for general pleasure and probably individual social interest. However, because of the Astro event, that prompt me to get my own national jersey and that’s how the whole story began.

I’ve always had high regards for the Germany national team, which I think is an awesome team, initially I wanted to buy the lady’s version of the Germany jersey, but after trying my luck at a few stores and failing to find one, I kind of gave up the thought because it was getting a bit tiring to run around getting the jersey.

“What jersey have you got left in the s or xs sizes?” I asked the salesman. “Erm…” I remembered that the salesman went to dig around the store for a while and came back to me saying “Miss, only Argentina jerseys are left”. To me, Argentina is a good performance team, and to wear it to the Astro event won’t be that ‘mempersiasuikan’. I decided to buy it on the spot.

Owning a football jersey, initially I felt normal. But as the tournament continued, and my Argentina team kept winning every match leading to the semi-final, somehow it got my attention. Plus knowing that I get to attend the world cup final match event, the hope for Argentina to get into the finals became even stronger so that I can wear my jersey again to cheer for my favorite team this round.

Watching the semi-final match between Argentina and Netherlands alone at my home did not feel lonely at all because somehow when you have a supporting team inside your mind, the game just becomes more interesting with the final aim to get into the finals. My emotion was like a stretched string, and when Netherlands failed to shoot their first penalty goal, I had one of the most firm n exciting ‘YES!’ shouting out from my heart. 4-2, that was the result, and I got to wear my Argentina jersey again to support them in the final match against Germany.

It was a stressful final match for me as both team seemed equal to me. Cheering together with the crowd with shouts of “Come on!” when approaching goal and shouting “NO!” when opponents near the Argentina goal area. It was really tense with eyes staring at the screen all the time. Well, Argentina lost one goal in the last few minutes during extra time, but nevertheless it was an excellent match. Bravo to the team I ‘accidentally’ chose to support.

The whole experience still amazes me, from the moment I took the simple decision to buy the jersey, cheering for Argentina, and witnessing them advance all the way to the world cup finals. Getting to wear that jersey again for the final match is really a well-worth memory to blog about it here.

Hum… so for the 2018 world cup, which jersey I should pick then?

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