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Royal Gourmet Chinese Restaurant @ Premiere Hotel Klang
21 Jul

Royal Gourmet Chinese Restaurant @ Premiere Hotel Klang

Royal Gourmet

Première Hotel, Bandar Bukit Tinggi
1/KS6, Jalan Langat, 41200 Klang, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel : 603-3325 6868
FB : Première Hotels


If you want to dine in for a wonderful hearty Chinese food at an elegant restaurant around the Klang area with nice contemporary approach to its interior decor, then look no further, as the Royal Gourmet Chinese restaurant that located inside the Premiere Hotel is definitley fits all the criteria superbly with attentive staffs to serve you in warm hospitality.

Executive Sous Chef Johnson surprised us with some of his signature home-cook styled dishes. We had no idea what were we going to sample during the dinner session until these fantastic dishes were served and transported us to the gastronomic heaven with its wonderful tastes and flavors :


Double Boiled Black Chicken Soup with Chinese Herbs

Served hot in a single portion, we began our dinner with this hearty nutritious Chinese herbal soup. Double boiled it for a long 5 hours, chef prepared this soup with lots of premium healthy ingredients, such as the black chicken, abalone, dry scallop, mushroom, wolfberry, red date, and last but not least, of course the mixed of different Chinese herbals.


Baked Lamb Rack

Well-marinated with chef own-mixed of special sauce that contains red wine, shallot and garlic, this marvelous baked lamb rack perhaps was the crowning glory of Chef Johnson Chang’s special menu, with enticing robust flavor and soft tender meat, one piece is definitely not enough for enjoyment and satisfaction.


Steamed Minced Chicken with Salted Fish

Very home-cooked style, this steamed minced chicken reminded me of my mom’s cooking, simple yet hearty dish with a nice balance of mild briny taste from the fragrant salted fish that able to open up one’s appetite instantly.

I was actually impressed with its texture. Usually cooked with minced pork meat, chef needs to skilfully substitute it with chicken tight meat instead because of the Royal Gourmet’s pork-free status, and yet the dish was overall still taste quite close to the pork version.

Topped with poached egg for the extra creaminess, I can have 2 bowls of rice just with this delightful dish!


Steamed Sea Grouper in Village Style

A feast for the eyes as well as the tummy, chef prepared this sea grouper in a simple way so that diners can enjoy the natural taste from its fresh meat. Cooked together with ingredients like black fungus, red dates, bean curd slices, mushrooms and vegetarian konjac noodles, this fish dish was a mix of good flavors, textures, and colors.


Stir Fried Baby French Bean with Top Shell

Stir fried baby French bean with exquisite top shell, a simple and refreshing vegetable dish without much greasiness. I like how chef portrayed the different textures in this dish, the crunchiness of baby French bean really mixed well with the chewy top shell, yummy!


Double Boiled Saussurea Involucrata with Snow Fungus and Red Dates

Wrapping up our home-cooked style dinner meals at Royal Gourmet was this double boiled saussurea involucrata with snow fungus and red dates that served warm. Saussurea involucrata is a type of Chinese herbal called Xue Lian originated from Tian Shan at the northwest China. I like this so much for its nutrition values that good to the body naturally.


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