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Scrumptious New Grand Menu Dishes @ Watami Japanese Casual Dining
15 Jul

Scrumptious New Grand Menu Dishes @ Watami Japanese Casual Dining

Delightful New Creations And The Best “Ishokuya” Experience Outside Of Japan!

Looking to try something new? Why not head on down to the nearest Watami Japanese Casual Dining outlet for some great tasting comestibles and superb Japanese hospitality.

Watami Malaysia has recently rolled out over 10 exciting new modern Japanese delights to tempt your palate! From lightly crisp ocean fresh tempura and hearty stone pot rice dishes to lip-smacking ramen and sumptuous hot pots, Watami’s range of eclectic, contemporary cuisine will have you declaring “oishii” in the ultimate expression of gluttonous satisfaction!

“We are pleased to present the latest Watami Central Kitchen creations which are at present, popular in Japan and around the world. Dining at Watami is always an exciting experience as there are so many dishes to sample and new flavours to savour!” said Chaswood Marketing Director, Raymond Liew.


Mix Seafood Platter (RM32.90)

Begin your gastronomic adventure with the delicious Mix Seafood Platter, featuring an assortment of golden, super crisp fresh tuna, shrimp and squid, deep fried to perfection. Great for sharing and served with a slice of lemon and a side of spicy tonkatsu and premium tartare sauce, this crunchy starter will whet your appetite for a host of delicious mains.


Jakasei Okinawa-fu Kakuni Ni-tamago Soe (RM21.90)

If the idea of pork belly stew makes you salivate, you are in for a treat as Watami introduces the Jakasei Okinawa-fu Kakuni Ni-tamago Soe, a lovely stone pot of Okinawan-style pork stew, a signature Kyushu dish featuring thick slices of tender pork belly braised in shochu and brown sugar with ginger flavoured egg, vegetables and wasabi.


Kaisen Kara Miso Chanko Nabe (RM29.90)

Lovers of the Japanese hot pot will find the Korean hot pot, Kaisen Kara Miso Chanko Nabe irresistible. A dish originally created for Sumo Wrestlers, the “Chanko Nabe” became popular due to its high nutritional value from the abundance of fresh meat, seafood and vegetables offered with the dish. Enjoy a mini cauldron of fresh oysters, juicy clams, succulent mussels and squid together with chopped carrots, white radish, enoki mushrooms and soft cubes of good quality tofu in simmering mildly spicy broth as you catch up with friends and family over a leisurely weekend lunch or dinner.


Ishiyaki Curry Udon (RM23.90)

For diners with a preference for noodles, Watami offers the super hearty Ishiyaki Curry Udon which is essentially thick, silky udon in Japanese curry broth topped with strips of premium pork and beef, a flavourful tempura-coated egg and garnished with leek and spring onions.


Ebi & Tonkotsu Ramen (RM29.90)

A lighter alternative but just as scrumptious would be the Ebi & Tonkotsu Ramen which features wheat-based ramen topped with freshly grilled shrimp, a special ginger and garlic-flavoured egg, spring onions and special chilli paste in rich pork bone & shrimp broth.


Ishiyaki Chashu Chahan (RM20.90)

If rice is your staple, try the classic Ishiyaki Chashu Chahan ( RM20.90 ) and savour fried rice in fragrant tonkotsu broth with a hint of black sesame oil topped with a generous amount of diced cha siew, a beautiful sunny side up, sprinkled with spring onion in a 280 degrees Celsius sizzling stone pot. This best seller presented in a lacquered box is a must-try for lovers of seasoned quality cha siew.


Watami prides itself in offering a plethora of over 100 popular dishes, including those that are currently trending in Japan and a unique “Ishokuya” experience of dining delicious food in a comfortable, casual setting.

For reservations, kindly contact Watami Japanese Casual Dining Restaurant outlets at 03-7727 1399 (1Utama), 03-2141 6671 (Pavilion KL) and 03-7886 9661 (Paradigm Mall); email [email protected] or log on to www.facebook.com/watami.my.


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