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‘Legendary for Ribs’ Promotion 2014 @ Tony Roma’s Malaysia
26 Aug

‘Legendary for Ribs’ Promotion 2014 @ Tony Roma’s Malaysia

Tony Roma’s Malaysia

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Thanks to the warm invitation from Tony Roma’s, I recently had the chance to try out their ‘Legendary for Ribs‘ that begins from 18 August until 21 September 2014. Featuring 4 tantalizing mains, 2 wonderful desserts and 4 refreshing drinks, this promotion highlighted some of the Tony Roma’s best sellers and classic signatures with a twist of new elements added in to give little surprise to the loyal customers.

tony rom's legendary for ribs promotion 2014 signature combo big

Tony’s Signature Combo (RM79.90)

Perfect for sharing, this combo had all my favorite signatures of Tony Roma’s that included two marvelous Bountiful Beef Ribs and two filet medallions in the new signature sauce, paired with two jumbo shrimp basted with Tennessee butter and served on a fresh baked crostini, crunchy broccoli and loaded mashed potatoes were served together as well to have you licking your fingers and smacking your lips in satisfaction!

tony rom's legendary for ribs promotion 2014 signature combo small

If you are not really a big eater, Tony Roma’s offers diners a smaller portion priced at RM55.90 that served with one Bountiful Beef Rib, two Tennessee butter basted jumbo shrimp, a filet medallion and loaded mashed potatoes placed at side.


tony rom's legendary for ribs promotion 2014 salmon scampi pasta

Salmon Scampi Pasta (RM42.90)

This is definitely another wonderful dish not to be missed for pasta lovers at Tony Roma’s! Topped with a big slab of grilled salmon and Asiago cheese, the linguine pasta was lightly sautéed with garlic, fresh basil, tomato pesto and a hint of chipotle was added as well for the extra taste.


tony rom's legendary for ribs promotion 2014 four cheese stuffed sirloin

Four Cheese Stuffed Sirloin (RM61.90)

Definitely one of the best steaks I had lately, this topped with demi-glace tender sirloin was stuffed with a creamy blend of sautéed mushrooms, caramelized onions and four types of blended cheeses, namely the Mozzarella, Feta, Cheddar and Asiago Cheese. So flavorful in every bite, it delivered such an awesome satisfying indulgence, best recommended to all the steak enthusiasts.


Chocolate Chunk Cookie Sandwich (RM8.90)

Topped with caramel, chocolate sauce and whipped cream, this delectable dessert came with the premium vanilla ice cream that nestled between two warm chocolate chunk cookies.

Raspberry Brownie Royale (RM8.90)

This chocolaty dessert served with two rich flavor mini cocoa brownies and a scoop of premium vanilla ice cream that drizzled with sweet sourish raspberry sauce.


Sweet Cherry (RM12.90)

Nicely presented with fresh strawberry and lemon slices, this sweet sourish drink has a combination of lemon, Roma sour mix, strawberry and ice cream soda.

Cranberry Fizz (RM12.90)

A fusion of cranberry, apple and mango juices with a tinge of ice cream soda.

Zesty Apple (RM12.90)

A blend of refreshing apple juice, ginger ale and cherry.

Miami Breeze (RM12.90)

A mixture of pineapple juice, ginger ale, grenadine and cherry.


Having built a reputation for the best ribs for over 40 years, Tony Roma’s is also famous for so many other dishes, such as the juicy prime steaks, delectable seafood entrees, huge burgers and sandwiches, delicious chicken dishes, refreshing salads, unique appetizers, sensational desserts and scintillating drinks.

Now you can indulge your senses with their latest promotion offering Tony’s signature dishes and so much more.

This promotion is available in all its outlets in Sunway Pyramid (603-7492 1188), eCurve (603-7728 7833), Pavilion KL (603-2143 3278), The Gardens (603-2282 8243), Setia City Mall (603-3358 3047), Citta Mall (603-7859 9068) and Nu Sentral (603-2272 1368).


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