Mooncake Promotion 2014 @ Casahana

Mooncake Promotion 2014 @ Casahana
31 Aug

Mooncake Promotion 2014

Works Of Art, You Can Taste


Pure Lotus Paste
* Pure Lotus (RM15.90)
* Pure Lotus with 1 Yolk (RM16.90)

White Lotus Paste
* Low Sugar White Lotus 1 Yolk (RM17.90) – Made from 100% lotus seeds with single egg yolk and added with an aromatic presence of pure peanut oil with low sugar taste.
* Scarlet Snow (RM17.90) – A unique combination with the sweet fragrance of pomogranate omochi and aroma of rose petals, filling with tasty honey, it makes you crave for more!

Pandan Lotus Paste
* Pandan Delight (RM17.90) – Enjoy every mouthful of the aromatic pandan paste with a hint of milky butter taste; added with single egg yolk for different layers of taste.

Tea Paste
* Green Tea Apricot (RM17.90) – Luscious apricot bits in green tea smoothness with refreshing taste.

Chocolate Paste
* German Black Forest (RM17.90) – Indulge in double chocolate paste with blackcurrants, chocolate chips and red cherries that set to delight your western taste buds.
* Chocolate Peppermint (RM17.90)

Red Bean Paste
* Citrus Red Bean (RM12.90)

Nut Paste
* Golden Mixed Nut (RM18.90) – Enjoy the savoury taste of spicy chicken floss and dried meat squashed in thick layers of wholesome mixed nuts, melon seeds and grains.

Individual Paste
* Violet Harmony (RM17.90) – The rich taste of taro and sweet potato with the breezy taste of omochi, simply delightful on its own!

New Paste

* Crimson Opera
Artistically presented in floral design, the lotus paste filling had a hint of sweetness from beetroot, followed by the flavorful cheese and creamy white chocolate at the centre.

* Dark Knight
Elegantly in black encasing the fragrant black sesame and black bean paste filling with soft brown sugar omochi wrapped in a charcoal pastry cloak.

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