Oriental Splendour Mooncake 2014 @ Tai Thong Malaysia

Oriental Splendour Mooncake 2014 @ Tai Thong Malaysia
25 Aug

Tai Thong Group Brings Oriental Splendour This Mooncake Festival

Once again, award winning mooncake specialist Tai Thong celebrates the Mid-Autumn Festival with the new range of delectable mooncakes that inspired by the colours and flavours of our homeland, Malaysia. From the popular classic mooncakes to the refreshing new treats, Tai Thong promises a scrumptious experience that preserves the heritage of this age-old tradition.

Thanks to the warm invitation from Tai Thong, I recently got the chance to sample their latest range of mooncakes during the media launch that held at Imperial China Restaurant, Subang Jaya.


Driven by the Master Chef’s desire for experimentation and preserving traditions, this year’s mooncake range is priced the same as last year.

Baked Skin Mooncakes

* Lotus Paste Double Yolks (RM16.50) – Savor the delectable extravagance of double golden egg yolks that encased in fragrant sweet signature lotus paste.

* Lotus Paste Single Yolk (RM15.50) – Relish the richness of traditional lotus paste that filled with single salted yolk and studded with melon seeds.

* Lotus Paste (RM14.50) – Using premium lotus seed for the natural delicate sweetness and fine texture of the signature lotus paste.

* Red Bean Paste (RM10.50) – Crafted to suit contemporary palates, the delicate sweetness of fresh red adzuki bean paste is subtle and simple.

* Assorted Fruits and Nuts (RM16.50) – A medley of crunchy nuts and citrus tang of dried fruits that creates the sensational texture and delicious taste.

* Jade Custard (RM15.50) – An all-time favourite with delightful mixture of fragrant pandan paste and creamy custard.

* White Lotus Single Yolk (RM16.50) – Fragrant white lotus paste with single golden yolk that enwrapped in a classic baked skin mooncake.

* Black Sesame White Lotus Single Yolk (RM16.50) – Pairing the finest black sesame paste with white lotus filling, this traditional flavour is both nutritious and delicious.

Snow Skin Mooncakes

* Snow Skin Durian Coulis (RM18) – Fresh durian pulp and durian paste bring out the pungent fragrance and intense flavor of the King of Fruits.

* Snow Skin Tropical Trio (RM16.50) – A trio of fruity tropical flavors, mango, grapefruit and pandan, which creates the aromatic and refreshing taste.

* Snow Skin Yam Paste Single Yolk (RM15.50) – This Teo Chew inspired mooncake pairs a single golden salted yolk with delicately light yam paste and soft snow skin.

* Snow Skin Lotus Single Yolk (RM15.50) – A flavorful combination of premium lotus paste with single golden yolk and tender snow skin.

* Snow Skin Lotus (RM14.50) – This time-honored classic is filled with velvety smooth lotus paste and highlighted by delicate snow skin.

* Snow Skin Red Bean (RM10.50) – Fresh red adzuki beans are ground and made creamy that enveloped in snow skin, a truly classic delight.


With theme Oriental Splendour, Tai Thong proudly revealed the 5 new flavours galore, from refreshing fruity tangs to the sensationally distinct taste of the king of all fruits.

* Honey Grapefruit and Mixed Nuts Mooncake (RM16.50)

Refreshing honey grapefruit paste is perfectly paired with dried fruits, winter melon, almonds and sesame seeds.

* Dragon Fruit and Coconut Single Yolk Mooncake (RM16.50)

A novel blend of dragon fruit, aromatic coconut and salted egg yolk, this divine creation is a fruity sensation.

* Snow Skin Honey Lemon Grapefruit Mooncake (RM16.50)

The sweet fragrance of honey grapefruit paste is offset by the zesty tinge of lemon – a delicious combination.


Fans of durians will recall the wildly successful Imperial Musang King Royale mooncake (RM88 2 pcs), which launched last year to great fanfare due to its full bodied flavour and fragrance. This year, Tai Thong steps up their game by introducing two new editions to the Durian Mooncake range – D24 and Red Prawn, made from 100% premium grade Durians, both with their own distinct taste and texture, aptly named the Premium Durian Duet.

* D24 (RM88 4 pcs)

Using the freshest fragrant D24 durians they can find, the specialists at Tai Thong turned the flesh into a creamy clotty pulp, encased in a layer of refreshing snow skin. Being the mildest one of the bunch, the D24 is full of character without being too overwhelming to the palate, perfect for beginners.

* Red Prawn (RM88 4 pcs)

The highly sought after flesh of the Red Prawn (Ang Heh) is perfectly balanced by the cool touch of the snow skin. Thick, custard-creamy and bold with just the right amount of bitterness, this makes for a scrumptious dessert that’s both bold and satisfying.

“It was crucial for me to stay true to the flavours of these fantastic durians, as the aroma and essence of the fruits are precious and loved. The snow skin case that envelops the delicious durian filling complements the flavour of the fruit perfectly,” said Yiu, Tai Thong’s Mooncake Master Chef.


Drawing inspiration from the magnificent designs of Imperial China, Tai Thong Mooncake’s beautifully crafted premium packaging oozes culture and royalty, giving a nod towards Malaysia’s Chinese heritage. With a choice of deep red and golden yellow, the boxes are encased in fine classy black, giving off an oriental aura that invokes a sense of impressive grandiosity and splendour.

Tai Thong’s Limited Edition Corporate Box (RM138 per box) makes for a stunning and refined gift for business associates, clients or other corporate partners. Featuring a spread of eight mini Tai Thong mooncakes, a mix of both traditional and new flavours, it is indeed an impressive and delicate gift for all.

Flavours included are Lotus Paste Single Yolk, Jade Custard, Mixed Fruits and Nuts, Royal Custard, Red Bean Paste, Black Sesame White Lotus Single Yolk, Lotus Paste as well as Dragon Fruit and Coconut Single Yolk.


Tai Thong Mooncakes are available for purchase at all Tai Thong restaurants, major hypermarkets and shopping mall kiosks. A full listing of the locations can be obtained on or by calling the Tai Thong Customer Care Line at 1800-88-2338.


More photos at FOOD Malaysia facebook page, a Malaysian food blogger since 2010

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