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Teh Tarik Place Celebrates Merdeka With A Special Teh Tarik Session With Malaysians
28 Aug

Teh Tarik Place Celebrates Merdeka With A Special Teh Tarik Session With Malaysians

Teh Tarik Place Leads The Toast To Malaysia’s Muhibah Spirit With A Frothy Glass Of Teh Tarik

Teh Tarik Place is inviting all Malaysians to come together and celebrate our muhibah spirit with a frothy glass of Teh Tarik at a special 1957 price of 5 sen this 31st August 2014. An event was held to announce this one-day special at their flagship outlet at The Curve yesterday.

Amongst those who attended the event were violinist Dennis Lau, pro gamer Ashley Khoo, local band Back2Basixx’s members, Aster Kyle G., Brendan Aloysius, Christian Theseira and Daryll Nathaniel.

(L-R) Raymond Liew, Dennis Lau & Ashley Khoo

(L-R) Christian Theseira, Emma Mallaburn & Aster Kyle G.

“No true blue Malaysian needs an introduction to Teh Tarik and what better way for us to pay tribute to this National Beverage, undoubtedly the unsung hero for uniting Malaysians nationwide, than through this event,” said Raymond Liew, Marketing Director of Chaswood Resources Sdn Bhd.

“Thus, in the spirit of celebrating Malaysia’s 57th birthday as well as the muhibah spirit that makes us uniquely Malaysian, Teh Tarik Place is leading the nation by pulling everyone together to raise their glass of Teh Tarik to commemorate this day of important national milestone,” added Liew.

“It is a Malaysian culture to gather in kopitiams and Mamak restaurants to socialise, watch soccer or to just enjoy a simple chat while enjoying the sweetness of their Teh Tarik complemented by a plate of roti canai on the side,” said Aster Kyle G.

“Despite our busy schedules, we always find time to gather, practice our singing and catch up over a glass of Teh Tarik,” added Christian Theseira.

If you, like the rest of Malaysia, love your Teh Tarik, don’t miss out on this opportunity to get a glass of Teh Tarik at 5 sen at any of the 12 Teh Tarik Place outlets nationwide this Merdeka.

Most Teh Tarik Place outlets operate from 10 a.m onwards. Opening hours may vary by location. For a list of outlets, go to www.tehtarikplace.my or visit www.facebook.com/tehtarikplace.

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