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Absolut Karnival x Rafael Grampá @ The View, G Tower, Kuala Lumpur
19 Sep

Absolut Karnival x Rafael Grampá @ The View, G Tower, Kuala Lumpur

Absolut Karnival Party – A Night That Celebrates The Colours & Excitement Of Karnival

Absolut Karnival, the latest passion fruit and orange blossom flavored limited edition bottle that captures the transformative energy of Carnival will be unveil at The View, G Tower this Friday 19 September 2014 together with some happening live Samba and dance performances.

Absolut Karnival features artwork by the Brazilian graphic novel artist and writer Rafael Grampá from Marvel Studios. The rich, smooth, fresh and tropical flavor combines with Grampá’s festive, dynamic, character-driven design to evoke some of the magic of Carnival, reminding us that life is full of possibilities.

Already teaming with Absolut on its new Transform Today campaign, Grampá here extends his creative collaboration with the brand by bringing a unique and colorful vision of Latin America’s most transformative celebration to the iconic Absolut bottle.

“When Absolut asked me to collaborate on Absolut Karnival, I saw it as an opportunity to express my love of a festival that lets everyone be free and equal,” says Rafael Grampá. “In Carnival, everyone celebrates together. There is a beautiful, unique and uncontrollable feeling that our differences can be put behind us. We become aware of our own power to change ourselves and the world.”

“To evoke something of that in the bottle design, I knew it had to be colorful and cheerful. In the Carnival parade, normal people transform themselves into extraordinary things. I decided to try to represent that sense of transformation by putting the Carnival parade right onto the bottle,” explains Grampá.

Absolut Karnival x Rafael Grampá : Young Spirit

Absolut Karnival x Rafael Grampá : Pinup Queenfish

Absolut Karnival x Rafael Grampá : Happy Griffon

Absolut Karnival x Rafael Grampá : Freedom Knight


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