Bari-Uma Ramen @ Jaya Shopping Centre, Petaling Jaya

Bari-Uma Ramen @ Jaya Shopping Centre, Petaling Jaya
02 Sep

Bari-Uma Ramen Malaysia

L3-11, Level 3, Jaya Shopping Centre
Jalan Semangat, Seksyen 14, 46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel : 603-7932 2958
FB : Bari-uma Ramen Malaysia

Business Hours :
Mon – Sun 10 a.m. – 10 p.m.


Thanks to the lovely invitation from Bari-uma Ramen, I recently had the chance to sample their bowl of homemade ramen noodles with signature grilled thick-cut chashu that had wooed so many taste buds around the town.

Located inside the new Jaya Shopping Centre, Bari-uma has a spacious dining area and calming ambience for you, family and friends to dine in comfortably. Originated from Hiroshima with 40 outlets nationwide in Japan, Bari-uma will definitely provides local ramen enthusiast a gastronomical and unforgettable experience!


Negi Mayo Gyoza (RM12 for 5 pcs ; RM22 for 10 pcs)

If normal gyoza is too boring for you, try this spicy version at the Bari-uma. The creaminess of sweet savory mayo and spicy heat chili oil (standard spiciness level to me) that drizzled on top the crispy pan fried gyoza really turned this simple dish into something that I can attack few pieces!


Bari-uma served flavorful yakitori as well, a Japanese style of grilled skewered food, in 5 different types of varieties. Priced at RM5.90 for 2 sticks, customers can choose Negima (chicken thigh and leeks), Butanegima (pork thigh and leeks), Tori-niku (chicken thigh), Sasami (chicken breast) or Butabara (pork belly).

We had the Yakitori Combo (RM13.90 for 5 sticks) that has the 5 different types in one serving. Patiently waited awhile because Bari-uma only cooked it from raw meat upon customer ordered, the Yakitori tasted so nice with sweet savory tare sauce, so good it will have you asking for more!


Bari-uma Salad (RM15.90)

A simple and refreshing bowl of salad with a little surprise in it! Served with slices of shoyu-marinated eggs, fresh lettuce, chopped red capsicum and my favorite corn, the flavorful shredded ‘chashu’ that placed on top was definitely a wow factor to maximize the whole eating pleasure. I love it.


Ishiyaki-Chaofan Salmon (RM15.90)

If you prefer rice dishes, Bari-uma served Ishiyaki-Chaofan in piping hot stone bowl. I tried it with the grilled salmon as main ingredient (RM15.90), or you can opt for others like shrimp or chashu, the rice was mixed with their secret teriyaki sauce that I like it very much. It added a nice aromatic flavor to the overall taste and kept the rice moist. Definitely my choice for a quick meal if I’m in the rush, simple yet so satisfying.


100% Malt Kirin Beer, the Japan’s Prime Brew, is also one of the world’s most unique premium beers. The Ichiban shibori process uses only the most flavorful portion of the finest ingredients.


Bari-uma served 3 types of soup bases in 7 varieties for customers to choose from. Using imported pork for the flavor and quality, chef need to boil the ramen soup for a long 10 hours before it was ready to serve the hungry diners.

1. Signature Bari-uma Ramen (RM26) – Pork flavored shoyu soup + Thick-cut flamed chashu

2. Ajitama-uma Ramen (RM28) – Pork flavored shoyu soup + Thick-cut flamed chashu + Ajitama

3. Nori-uma Ramen (RM27) – Pork flavored shoyu soup + Thick-cut flamed chashu + Dry seaweed slices

4. Noritama-uma Ramen (RM29) – Pork flavored shoyu soup + Thick-cut flamed chashu + Ajitama + Dry seaweed slices

5. Chashu-uma Ramen (RM32) – Pork flavored shoyu soup + 4 pieces thick-cut flamed chashu

6. Shoyu Ramen (RM23) – Pork flavored shoyu light soup + Thick-cut flamed half chashu

7. Kara-uma Ramen (RM26) – Pork flavored shoyu spicy soup + Thick-cut flamed chashu

Fancy extra toppings for your bowl of piping hot ramen? Customers can order it with the waiter to add on Ajitama shoyu marinated egg (RM2); Negi spring onions (RM2); Corn (RM2); Nori dry seaweed (RM2.50) or Menma seasoned bamboo shoots (RM2.50).

To me, I enjoyed my ramen here for 3 reasons. Bari-uma’s soup base was not as thick as other ramen noodles restaurants. It was lighter in texture but still packed with aromatic flavor. Diners were encouraged to add on any sauces, condiments or toppings to get the soup in right satisfaction taste of your own preference.

The ramen noodles were freshly made in-house here at Bari-uma by the chef. It had a nice balance of texture, but if you prefer the ramen noodles to be more firm or soft, customers can always tell the chef to prepare it your way. Another small detail that worth to highlight here was Bari-uma served the Ajitama un-cut together with your bowl of ramen.

Last but not least, the star item of Bari-uma, the Aburi Chashu (RM18.80 if order a la carte), a thick-cut grilled chashu over high flame. It had a wonderful balance of lean and fat meat, and even the fatty portion tasted so heavenly till it literally melted inside my mouth. With a little garlic sauce that chef placed on top the chashu, each bite will definitely send your taste buds into a world of flavorful hearty goodness.


More photos at FOOD Malaysia facebook page, a Malaysian food blogger since 2010

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