Black Pepper Mushroom Chicken Chop & Black Pepper Mushroom Zinger @ KFC Malaysia

Black Pepper Mushroom Chicken Chop & Black Pepper Mushroom Zinger @ KFC Malaysia
30 Sep

KFC Tasty Travels Brings You On A Gastronomic Journey To Tokyo!

KFC’s Tasty Travels destination after the successful Bangkok Green Curry promotion is Tokyo, Japan featuring two exciting items on the menu: Black Pepper Mushroom Chicken Chop and Black Pepper Mushroom Zinger.

With the tagline “Dig into the “Oishii” flavours of Tokyo”, these authentic creations will instantly transport your taste buds right to Japan! Peppery, creamy and aromatic, the black pepper mushroom sauce is filled with an abundance of tender and flavourful Japanese shiitake mushrooms. This delicious gravy goes very well with both the Original Recipe and Hot & Spicy chicken flavours.

The Black Pepper Mushroom Chicken Chop is KFC’s juicy boneless fried whole leg (Original Recipe or Hot & Spicy) served with mouthwatering black pepper sauce with tender Japanese shiitake mushrooms.

As an alternative to the chicken chop KFC has also decided to introduce the Tokyo Black pepper Mushroom Zinger which is a succulent burger that boasts KFC’s signature crispy Zinger fillet topped with warm black pepper sauce, tender shiitake mushrooms and freshly sliced onions sandwiched between a warm toasted sesame seed bun. The Zinger version is an easier way to enjoy the flavour, even on the go, and guarantees that “Every Bite is so “Oishii”!”

“After bringing your taste buds to Bangkok, Thailand, the journey of taste buds continues and this time we are bringing our customers to Tokyo, Japan as the 2nd destination with the delicious Tokyo Black Pepper Mushroom!” said Ling Mee Jiuan, Senior Vice President, KFC Malaysia.

“Black pepper has always been a favourite flavour amongst Malaysians. We are confident that many people will love this rendition from us”, she added.

The KFC Black Pepper Mushroom Chicken Chop (Original Recipe / Hot & Spicy) is available in two combos that come with either Colonel Rice or Crispier Fries along with one regular carbonated drink. Both combos are priced at only RM13.90 each.

As for the Black Pepper Mushroom Zinger, a combo version is available which includes one Black Pepper Mushroom Zinger, one Crispier Fries and one regular size carbonated drink sold at RM9.95 or the HotBox version which includes one additional piece of Original Recipe or Hot & Spicy chicken for only RM12.95. Ala’carte is priced at RM7.25 (prices are subject to 6% Government tax).

These two delectable products are the second episode of KFC’s new Tasty Travel Series which started on 11 August 2014. The KFC Tasty Travel Series will cover new and exciting KFC interpretations of international cuisine from around the world during the duration of this promotion.

This new promotion is now available at all KFC restaurants in the country for a limited time only starting from 25 September 2014, so don’t miss it!

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