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myELEPHANT Thai Restaurant @ Ampang, Selangor
15 Oct

myELEPHANT Thai Restaurant @ Ampang, Selangor

myELEPHANT Thai Restaurant

B14-1, Batu 4.5, Jalan Ampang Utama 2/2
68000 Ampang, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel : 603-4251 9955
FB : myELEPHANT Thai Restaurant

Business Hours :
Mon – Sun


Being one of the nicest contemporary Thai dining spots in Klang Valley, myELEPHANT recently added another outlet at Ampang Kuala Lumpur near the Ampang Point Shopping Mall.

Illuminated in dim warm yellow light, the dining ambience was calm and relaxing with tables and chairs arranged neatly in a simplicity white color tone and huge cyan wall as the background, definitely an ideal venue for casual dining with family and friends or an intimate dinner with the loved one.

The more quiet section of private dining area, love the artistic look of lighting set.


We kicked off the dinner with a beautifully plated appetizer that served with Pla Sam Rod (deep fried seabass fillet) and Gaeng Keow Wan Pu Nim Tod Grob (deep fried soft shell crab).

Chef further garnished the dish with fresh salad in appetizing sweet sourish sauce that had a hint of lemongrass taste, together with a creamy green curry gravy that rich in coconut flavor to compliment the crunchy soft shell crab.


Next, we had this Tom Som Sao Wa Rod, a clear hot and spicy seafood soup to turn up the volume of flavor in the mouth with. It was a bit beyond my hot tolerance level, but for those who’s really into authentic Thai cuisine, this was truly a tom som not to be missed!

I was quite impressed that chef actually cooked it with passion fruit to give a hint of sweetness to the front note, love the simple twist to a classic Thai dish.


A plate with medley of textures and flavors, and I love all of it!

Prepared to have the risotto-alike finishing, this glutinous rice was cooked in tom kha soup that gave a nice balance of spicy, sour and sweet Thai coconut milk taste. I like rice dish, and this will be one of my recommendations.

The refreshing Yum Som Orr was not too bad as well. Using Thai pomelo for the natural sweetness, this refreshing salad tasted quite appetizing with the homemade savory shrimp paste and crunchy crushed peanuts.

Khai Jiao Tofu, a simple dish that really captured my taste buds. Chef deep fried the tofu that covered with egg batter till the outer layer was fluffily crunchy. Slices of mango and dragon fruit were placed on top to add a touch of class to the overall presentation.

Last but not least, the scrumptious Panaang Gai Yang, chef marinated the chicken thigh with own-mixed imported red curry paste before grilled it together with the panaang curry.


Our dinner closed with a perfect ending of Khaw Neaw Mamuang, a signature Thai dessert with sticky glutinous rice in rich coconut gravy and fragrant mango.

I like how chef creatively mixed in a small amount of black glutinous rice for the appealing presentation, and it indirectly enlightened my Thai food experience here at myELEPHANT to wrap up in a satisfying and memorable way.


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