Edo Ramen @ Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur

Edo Ramen @ Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur
08 Nov

Edo Ramen

Level 2, North Court, Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur (Near to AEON and F.O.S)
Level 1, Gurney Paragon Mall, Penang (Opposite Starbuck)
Tel : 603-2201 8779 (Mid Valley) ; 604-226 0961  (Gurney Paragon)
FB : Edo Ramen

Business Hours :
Mon – Sun


Located at the happening Mid Valley Megamall, Edo Ramen offered customers slurpilicious ramen at very affordable price.

Edo was the former name of Tokyo during the Tokugawa Shogunate or samurai era. Branching off from Goku Raku Ramen, Edo Ramen brought a fresh approach to ramen indulgence at greater value with its first appearance in Gurney Paragon, Penang.

Edo Ramen served Tokyo-style ramen, a unique recipe by the notable ramen connoisseur Mr Tetsuya Fukino. The ramen here was homemade daily to ensure its freshness and remain the standard high quality. For the varieties, ramen enthusiasts can choose from 4 different type of broths, namely the Tokyo Broth, Tonkotsu Broth, Miso Broth and Black Broth, as well as 2 categories of toppings depending on your personal preference.


Ultimate Tokyo (RM15.90 Regular ; RM17.90 Large)

Boiled together with chicken and anchovies in low heat for 7 hours till perfection, the broth was flavorful and ideal for diners who prefer an alternative from pork.

Ultimate Black (RM17.90 Regular ; RM19.90 Large)

Tonkotsu broth infused with Japanese fish powder and aromatic charred crushed garlic oil, ramen lovers will love this black broth with intense aroma that can tantalize your taste buds to another level with much satisfaction.

Ultimate Tonkotsu (RM15.90 Regular ; RM17.90 Large)

Ramen lovers simply cannot resist this delightful broth, which chef boiled the pork bones over medium to high heat for more than 12 hours to extract the essence and emulsified it to creamy consistency and hearty flavor.

Ultimate Miso (RM16.90 Regular ; RM18.90 Large)

Enjoyable with robust and tangy taste, this broth was a mixture of Tonkotsu broth and Miso (Japanese soy bean paste) that thicker in texture and slightly sweeter to tempt your palate, a great complement to a variety of delicious toppings.


If you are a light eater, Edo Ramen also offered 4 types of basic versions that cost RM6 lesser each with standard toppings placed on top, namely the char siew, pak choy, sweet corn and spring onions.

For Ultimate Ramens, besides the standard toppings, customers get to taste also the kakuni (braised pork belly), lava egg, naruto (Japanese fish cake) and seaweed served together with their bowl of ramen.

Among all the toppings, my favorites would be the Char Siew, succulent pork marinated in soy sauce and savoury spices then slowly simmered for hours to perfection, Kakuni, tender and flavorful pork belly that braised in special sauce for hours, and Lava Egg, marinated soft-boiled egg with solid-cooked egg white but the yolk still remained in tempting runny.


Ultimate Gyukotsu (RM17.90 Regular ; RM19.90 Large)

A bit boring on chicken or pork based broth? Fret not, Edo Ramen also served special beef bone based broth that needs to boil for over 7 hours. A bowl of hearty ramen enriched with irresistible goodness of natural beef sweetness, you definitely need to try this, at least once!


Boiled / Pan Fried Gyoza (RM4.90 for 3 pieces)

Topped with spring onions and sesame for the extra fragrant, this comfort boiled gyoza with juicy filling was another must-order side dish here at Edo Ramen. If you like it more crispy, the pan fried version was as good as the boiled gyoza too.


Aburi Char Siew (RM11.90)

Lightly flame-grilled, it diffused a tempting aroma to further excite your taste buds alongside with its wonderful tender and succulent texture.


Edo Ramen offered a simple menu yet delectable variety at great value starting from RM9.90, which uncompromising in quality and taste to make sure it satisfied your ramen cravings.


More photos at FOOD Malaysia facebook page, a Malaysian food blogger since 2010

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