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The Apartment Downtown @ Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur
18 Nov

The Apartment Downtown @ Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur

The Apartment Downtown

G48 & 139, Ground Floor & 1st Floor
Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel : 603-2166 2257
FB : The Apartment

Business Hours :
Mon – Sun


Thanks to the wonderful invitation, I recently had the chance to join is the excitement as The Apartment Downtown unveiled its brand new look, menu as well as the cocktail and champagne bar. Featuring a European styled dining concept, infused with Asian flavors into a contemporary menu, The Apartment Downtown is a place where the formal and casual coexist.


Opened for lunch and dinner, the new menu featured a variety of modern European eats with an occasional Asian infusion. From bites to social platters to delicious main course, there will be something to suit every taste bud.

Silky Scallops and Tofu (RM39.90)

Have a palate for seafood? Chef baked these scallops and roe together with the satiny smooth tofu then garnished with alfalfa. The soy-wasabi butter sauce really complemented well the natural sweetness from fresh scallop and the beancurd.


Beef Goulash Soup (RM18.90)

Thick and creamy Beef Goulash Soup with a dollop of crème fraiche garnished on top, it took hours for chef to simmer the rump of steak in a paprika beef broth together with carrots and potatoes.


Korean Sticky Fried Chicken (RM25.90)

Infused with an Asian twist, these to-die-for tender chickens were coated in a fantastic sweet and spicy Korean sauce; chopped salted peanuts were sprinkled around to give more crunchy bites.


Greek Mac & Cheese (RM30.90)

Not your ordinary of Mac & Cheese, this macaroni dish was cooked in a creamy cheese sauce with fresh dill, feta cheese, sautéed spinach and a Greek spice blend. Breadcrumb was fully covered on the surface and fried crispy spinach was placed on top for that interesting mixed of different textures in one satisfying bite.


Nasi Lemak Downtown (RM29.90)

Big portion of fragrant nasi lemak with varieties of local favorite’s condiments, which includes the spiced chicken thigh and spicy squid sambal, totally worth the money!


Prawn ‘Po Boy’ Sandwich (RM37.90)

Served together with a crispy toasted baguette, sliced mango and red cabbage, the deep fried prawns were coated with breadcrumbs and cornmeal then flavored with the interesting spicy mango mayonnaise for that satisfying bite.


Scallops Linguine (RM45.90)

Simply toothsome linguine cooked in a rich cream sauce and beautifully sat on top the fresh roe and scallops that flavored with smoked salt, Sarawak pepper and zesty lemon.


“The Apartment Downtown has been a popular destination for diners because of its modern infused dishes, warm interior and zesty spirit. It is a space to escape from the conventional restaurant culture, providing diners with familiarity and comfort in a formal dining setting. Diners can either organize a business lunch or celebrate special occasions with friends and family,” said Andrew Reddy, managing director of Chaswood Resources.

The Apartment Downtown was completely renovated to create a restaurant “where dining out means coming home”. Showcasing a large open space with vast amount of natural light, the restaurant was an ideal setting for any crowd size any functions overlook the beautiful lake scenic.


As a new feature, the champagne bar featured a range of bubblies from Henkell (German) to Deutz (French). The boutique selections were harvested from biodynamic viticulture. Complemented your sparkling with a wide selection of oyster and seafood.

For those who prefer cocktails, The Apartment Downtown will be serving its own home mixes such as Tokyo Snow, ‘New Orleans’ French 75, Pedro’s Revolver and Herbal Gin & Tonic. The only difficulty will be in deciding which to order.


For more information or to make reservations, please contact The Apartment Downtown KLCC at 603-2166 2257.


More photos at FOOD Malaysia facebook page, a Malaysian food blogger since 2010

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