“Canon Get Closer” Brings The Past To The Present Launch @ Sekeping Victoria, Penang

“Canon Get Closer” Brings The Past To The Present Launch @ Sekeping Victoria, Penang
07 Mar


Thanks to the wonderful invite and arrangement from Canon Marketing (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, I went to Penang recently to attend the “Canon Get Closer” campaign, where the locals as well as tourists get to travel back in time for a moment and see Penang for what it really was without leaving the present.

The “Canon Get Closer” campaign aims to bring the passion of photography to the next level by enriching tourist hotspots of Penang with its own existing historical heritage. How?

Thanks to the Canon’s cutting-edge technology, flash-triggered “Canon Get Closer” projectors will be strategically placed all over Penang. When a passers-by take pictures of the heritage sites, the camera’s flash will trigger a momentary projection of that particular site’s original façade and state. Then take a quick picture of that original façade in its quaint form as proof you saw history revealed before your eyes.

“Photography is the most beautiful form of history-archiving. It allows us to capture precious memories that will last for years after the experience has expired. It keeps that healthy presence of the past while moving into the future”, explained Mr. Wataru Nishioka, President and CEO of Canon Marketing (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd during the launch of “Canon Get Closer” campaign at Sekeping Victoria.

“However, over the years, these historical sights have dimmed into obscurity. A tourists could be standing on a goldmine of history, but is completely oblivious to it. Seeing that extravagant waste, we came out with a campaign that will not only pique the curiosity of tourists, it will also bring a breath of fresh air to the entire experience by allowing them to immerse in the essence of the past for that brief moment”, he added.


The “Canon Get Closer” campaign will run from 28 February until 28 March 2015, at selected iconic tourist spots around Penang. The “Canon Get Closer” projection team will be there to assist the public from 5 pm until 10 pm.

* Week 1 (28 Feb – 6 March) : Fort Cornwallis & Jalan Masjid Keling Kapitan
* Week 2 (7 March – 13 March) : Peranakan Mansion & Lebuh Cannon
* Week 3 (14 March – 20 March) : Lebuh Armenian & Penang Hill
* Week 4 (21 March – 28 March) : Gurney Paragon St.Jo & Canon Imaging Square (CIS)

The “Canon Get Closer” campaign is also recognized and endorsed by The Penang State Tourism Board.


The second part of this campaign is a photo contest opened to all consumers. All one has to do is visit (all 8) the weekly locations and snap a picture with the canon history projection, caption these photos with your own related history, Visit/Like the Canon Camera Malaysia Facebook page and upload your photograph(s) for a chance to win Canon cameras up to RM20,000.

For more information about the campaign, the eight (8) locations and the contest, please visit


Thanks to Canon’s Imaging Technology, we can not only refresh our memories but share them with others too.

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