The New Zinger Rice Wrap @ KFC Malaysia

The New Zinger Rice Wrap @ KFC Malaysia
07 Mar


Introducing the new KFC Zinger Rice Wrap, a scrumptious well-balanced meal that is convenient to eat anywhere, anytime at an awesome price of RM4.90!

“The new product is a well-balanced wrap and one of the first wraps in Malaysia’s quick service restaurant industry that incorporates our very own local favourite, RICE! Inspired by our on-the-go customers, KFC has taken the popular Malaysian staple to create a healthy tasty meal with portability to suit a growingly busy consumer lifestyle,” said Ahmad Taufek Omar, Chief Digital Marketing & Information Technology, KFC Malaysia.

“The Product is catered for our teens and young working adults who are always on the lookout for a great tasting meal in between their busy schedules,” he added.


The new KFC Zinger Rice Wrap is KFC’s all-time favourite Zinger fillet wrapped in a 9-inch warm toasted tortilla bread, packed with Colonel rice, fresh tomatoes, onions, crunchy cucumbers and delicious mayo-lime dressing.

Ahmad Taufek continued to say that the product “has all your essential foods. Protein from our scrumptious zinger fillet, our delicious colonel rice for carbs and lots of veggies all packed nicely in a tortilla bread to create an awesome wholesome anytime lunch!”

At an unbeatable price, the KFC Zinger Rice Wrap is a great value buster. Those who prefer more can opt for the combo which includes a serving of fries (R) and a Mountain Dew carbonated drink (R) for only RM7.80 (combo & ala’ carte price may vary according to location).


In line with the promotion, KFC with Fly & One FM will also launch the #GrumpyNoLunchFace Instagram photo contest. KFC fans will be encouraged to submit photos of them looking grumpy for not being able to have lunch due to their busy schedules, and hashtag (#) the pictures with the said caption. Winners will receive prizes and a surprise from KFC and the radio stations.

The new KFC Zinger Rice Wrap is available starting from 5 March, while stocks last. For more information please visit

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