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Dao Xiang, Shunde Cuisine @ Nexus Bangsar South, Kuala Lumpur
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Dao Xiang, Shunde Cuisine @ Nexus Bangsar South, Kuala Lumpur

Dao Xiang Chinese Cuisine Restaurant

Unit 1-13, Level 1, Nexus Bangsar South
No 7, Jalan Kerinchi, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel : 603-2242 3318
Web : Dao Xiang Chinese Cuisine Restaurant

Business Hours :
Mon – Sun 12 p.m. – 2:30  p.m. ; 6 p.m. – 10:30 p.m.


Malaysians love steamboat, and if you are like me, prefer to have it in a no fuss and more relaxing ambience, Dao Xiang is the ideal place for good foods, attentive services and pleasant environment.

Thanks to the wonderful invitation, I recently got to sample some nice authentic Shunde cuisine, prepared by the chefs from China, who work in Dao Xiang now that located strategically at Nexus Bangsar South.

Although similar to the Cantonese dishes, Shunde cuisine is not often seen served in Klang Valley, probably because of the rare ingredients that are hard to source, as well as the meticulous cooking methods and techniques in order to preserve the most original taste for customer’s satisfaction.


Crunchy cucumber mixed with spicy chili oil sauce and garlic, an enticing appetizer to kick starts your meal with.

Flavorful nutrition herbal soup with chicken feet to warm up the tummy before meal.


Signature Porridge Hot Pot (RM23 per serving)

Comes with a wide selection of meats and vegetables based on your preference, this famous Shunde porridge hot pot is one of the must order items at Dao Xiang.

Light and smooth, chef uses only the middle part starch water of boiled porridge as the hot pot’s soup base. Absolutely no seasoning and flavoring, the soup is so clear that you can taste different flavors every time when waiter puts in other ingredients to the boiling hot pot.

According to the chef, they didn’t serve porridge grains in the hot pot because it is really filling. Also, the porridge will burn at the bottom of hot pot after a while.

Services here are marvelous! The skillful waiters were very helpful to prepare the hot pot and cooked the ingredients for you perfectly. Diners just need to relax and chill while waiting the foods to be served.

First, waiter puts in the Pork Ribs (RM25 per serving), which chef tossed it over in hot water before being served. The meaty pork ribs were pre-marinated, hence it has a nice salty flavor in every bite, and also gives the clear soup its first layer of savory taste.

Then, followed by the Handmade Pork Meat Ball (RM23 per serving), Mushroom (RM12 per serving), White Clams, and the last was the sliced fresh Grouper Fish.


Signature Braised Seafood Hot Pot (RM18 per serving)

Served in a huge copper hot pot, this is a dish to be shared for sure. Part of the traditional way of cooking dish in China, the heavy copper hot pot was brought in all the way from China and it can be heated up quite fast to cook the food more evenly.

Filled with aromatic pork based broth first, customers can choose their own seafood and add in how much they want in the copper hot pot. Dao Xiang offers a wide variety of seafood such as crabs, prawns, lobster, abalone, fresh fish, oyster, and eel.


Rice Noodle with Preserved Vegetable (RM10 per serving)

Sprinkled with lots of sesame and chopped spring onion on top, chef added in the crunchy preserved vegetable to give the extra bite in contrast to the soft and smooth rice noodle texture. Served in light soy sauce, you can eat it together with their special chili sauce if the taste is too bland for your taste buds.


Stir Fried Black Fungus (RM18 per serving)

Rich in nutrient benefits, chef stir fried the crunchy black fungus together with special bean paste sauce, leaving trails of spicy and slight vinegary aftertaste, which I enjoyed it very much.


Claypot Rice with Chicken (RM40 per serving)

If rice is your staple food, try this fragrant claypot rice with chicken. The meat was firm in texture, and you can damp the rice with flavorful soup from the hot pot, it tasted really good.


Refreshing dessert Sea Coconut with Longan, and a bowl of warm Red Bean Soup that cooked together with few other beans, what a perfect sweet end to a night of good food at Dao Xiang.


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