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Fans Appreciation Party To Celebrate Domino Pizza’s Favorite 5
30 May

Fans Appreciation Party To Celebrate Domino Pizza’s Favorite 5

Domino’s Pizza

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The popular adage “Classics never go out of style”, rings true to Domino’s latest offer of the best of its top picks. Showcasing its pizza lovers’ top five favorite pizzas, Domino’s Pizza is honouring Classified Chicken, Aloha Chicken, Chicken Pepperoni, Beef Pepperoni and Plain Cheese through its latest promotion. As a token of appreciation to its legion of loyal pizza lovers, Domino’s recently hosted a pizza party showcasing the Favorite 5 range.

During the party, customers were given an opportunity to take part in the “Put Your Taste to the Test”. This challenge saw participants wearing blindfolds and sampling the different flavours of the Favorite 5 pizzas. The challenge displayed that the Favorite 5 pizzas were the top choices as the customers could easily identify the pizzas simply through their sense of taste and smell.

domino pizza fans appreciation party


The Favorite 5 range will be available at a greater value as extra 100% mozzarella cheese topping is offered for free when ordering any of the five pizzas which amount to savings of up to RM4. As an added bonus, customers can choose to upgrade to the cheesy Extreme Edge crust at a discounted price of RM4 for a regular pizza upgrade and RM6.00 for a large pizza upgrade.

Domino’s on-going value-for money deal at RM31.50 nett for two pizzas, two large pizzas at RM52.50 nett and 2 Xtra large pizzas at RM73.50 nett. Additionally, to complement the main pizza dish, customers can choose to add on scrumptious side dishes at discounted offer prices.


“We are very excited to once again listen to the voices of our customers and to feature our Favorite 5 to all our loyal customers. This time around, we are paying homage to our all-time favorite flavours based on top-picks by our fans. After all, as the saying goes, ‘If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.’ The five pizzas selected to be a part of our Favorite 5 promotion reflect the pizzas’ popularity due to a large quantity of repeat orders by our customers. One of two of our customers prefer this range of flavours. The customers who are present for today’s party really do return to Domino’s over and over again to order their same, favorite pizzas,” said Linda Hassan, Senior Manager, Marketing, Domino’s Pizza Malaysia and Singapore.

“We believe in giving our customers the best that we have to offer. The ingredients in our top picks are high quality and sourced from the best places around the world. At Domino’s, we ensure that only the freshest and best ingredients go into our toppings and sauces so that our loyal customers continue to enjoy delightful pizzas and great deals with us,” she continued.

domino pizza fans appreciation party

Domino’s Pizza’s toppings complete the pizza experience and as such, only the best ingredients are used. Especially for the Favorite 5 pizzas, the Classified Chicken is topped with succulent, shredded chicken, sliced fresh mushrooms, 100% mozzarella cheese and top secret sauce which provides an aromatic blend of creamy, cheesy flavours with a distinctive garlic zest while the Aloha Chicken is topped with 100% mozzarella cheese and succulent, shredded chicken meat finished off with a generous amount of juicy pineapples.

As for the all-time favorite Beef Pepperoni and Chicken Pepperoni pizzas, these are topped with generous portions of halal, skinless, boneless beef or chicken pepperoni respectively, well balanced with flavors of spices and garlic for a hint of heat and 100% mozzarella cheese. Finally, one of the simplest yet most satisfying pizzas, the Plain Cheese pizza is topped with high quality 100% mozzarella cheese coupled with Domino’s signature sauce made of fresh vine-ripened tomatoes.

Linda added, “Given the recent GST implementation, we are conscious of the fact that customers are prudent about their spending. Our commitment remains to provide value-for-money deals and we will keep to this promise in all our offers. This is indeed an on-going effort on our end especially through our #PaySameOrLess campaign”, she continued.

In line with Domino’s on-going #PaySameOrLess campaign, Favorite 5 will complement this campaign through its great prices and add-on set offers. Customers can still enjoy 50% off Golden Chicken, Domino’s latest product with any purchase of 2 Pizza Deals.

On top of that, Domino’s best value-for-money deal, the RM5 nett offer for a personal pizza is still available for consumers to enjoy. Through #PaySameOrLess, Domino’s ensures that customers will be paying the same, or even less even after the recent implementation of GST. This initiative began even before the GST implementation, in line with Domino’s promise in creating value for its customers.


Domino’s prides itself as a delivery expert and with its free delivery services, orders can be made seven days in advance with a variety of payment options available from cash, Domino’s debit and also credit cards. Additionally, ordering from Domino’s is also made easy via many different platforms including online orders, phone orders, and over-the-counter orders.

Learn more about Domino’s Pizza Malaysia, Your Favorite 5 Pizzas All Cheesed Up! and the #PaySameOrLess Campaign at www.dominos.com.my today.

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