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Best Malaysian Chillies for MAGGI® Chilli Sauce
13 Jun

Best Malaysian Chillies for MAGGI® Chilli Sauce


For over 40 years MAGGI® Chilli Sauce has won the hearts and taste-buds of Malaysians with its fresh, “chilli-licious” flavour. MAGGI® today unveiled all-new packaging and communication for this flagship product, featuring the key source of its tantalising taste: the highest quality home-grown Malaysian chillies.

Rosalyn Simba, Business Executive Manager, Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad, said, “Every delicious bottle of MAGGI® Chilli Sauce contains fresh, high quality chillies which are grown in Malaysian farms. These chillies have created the signature fresh taste that has made MAGGI® Chilli Sauce an essential household item across the nation. As such, MAGGI® is proud to introduce our new packaging which puts the spotlight on these local farmers and our ‘fresh from the farm’ chillies.”


In fact, MAGGI® sources part of its fresh chilli supply from local farmers in Kelantan as part of the Nestlé Chilli Club (NCC) contract faming scheme, a 20 year old collaboration between the Nestlé Agricultural Services Department and Pertubuhan Peladang Kawasan Bukit Awang (PPKBA).

Simba added, “In line with Nestlé’s Creating Shared Value approach, we believe that in order to create long-term value for the company, we must concurrently create value for the society. Towards this end, the Nestlé Chilli Club helps provide rural farmers with a sustainable source of income by educating them on best agricultural practices to grow quality raw materials. The farmers are then able to become responsible and reliable suppliers of quality fresh chilli to Nestlé. In turn, Nestlé offers a fair market price for their produce.”

Through the NCC, local farmers are given agricultural training sessions which focus on increasing productivity, reducing farm costs, minimising environmental impact as well as enhancing work safety. In addition, the Nestlé Agricultural Services Department ensures that farmers are provided with technology support and technical know-how to assist them in getting the highest yields from their crops and to meet global standards.

Mek Zaini, a local Kelantanese farmer under the NCC, said, “I am grateful to the Nestlé Chilli Club for teaching us many new techniques. For example, we were taught to pluck the best chillies based on their colour, size and freshness. We are also taught planting techniques to ensure that the soil is fertile and yield top-quality chillies, so that only the best produce goes into MAGGI® Chilli Sauce. The NCC has been very beneficial for all of us and we are glad to work together with Nestlé.”

Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad guarantees that only the best chillies are used to produce MAGGI® Chilli Sauce, utilising the Kulai Chilli variety, renowned for its mild bout of spice and distinct taste. Due to the freshness of the chillies, MAGGI® Chilli Sauce is a bright red colour, with an appetising aroma and authentic zesty taste. In order to ensure that consumers enjoy the best product possible, all chillies are ‘fresh from the farm’, bottled within 72 hours of harvesting.


In partnership with leading retailer AEON, MAGGI Chilli Sauce will be bringing their ‘fresh from the farm’ chillies to shoppers from June 8 to 14, 2015. Shoppers who drop by AEON Bandar Utama will have the opportunity to learn more about the process behind the making of MAGGI Chilli Sauce.

As an added treat, MAGGI® Chilli Sauce will also be giving away limited editions of the MAGGI® Chilli Kit, a unique kit where shoppers can plant Kulai Chilli in their very own backyards.



    October 21, 2015 at 2:00 pm

    I have started to plant chili at my house back yard but I having problem with the bugs, fungus and the chili leaves curing and dried up. Since is for our own consumption i try not to use practices. Can you kindly advise how to get away all these bugs and fungus? Thank you. May

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