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The New Nestlé Ice Cream LA CREMERIA® Mini
08 Aug

The New Nestlé Ice Cream LA CREMERIA® Mini


Sometimes, good things come in small packages just like the all new LA CREMERIA® Mini. Coated with 100% imported milk chocolate, LA CREMERIA® Mini comes in three decadent flavours – LA CREMERIA® Mini Almond Vanilla, LA CREMERIA® Mini Chocolate and LA CREMERIA® Mini Delightfully Pecan.

The same care and detail invested into the crafting the LA CREMERIA® sticks are also evident in the Mini versions. Each variant is a result of precision and passion in ensuring every ingredient is brought out in its best possible form.

“We believe that people should make time to indulge in life’s little pleasures and with the new LA CREMERIA® Mini, we can now experience the perfect bite-sized indulgence any time of the day. It’s small enough to fit into anyone’s busy schedule yet big enough to give you that rich pause amidst the daily hustle and bustle,” said Yit Woon Lai, Business Executive Manager of Nestlé Ice Cream.

“It is also convenient for those who prefer to have LA CREMERIA® sticks ready in their freezer to be enjoyed whenever they want. The beauty of this Mini version is that consumers can either enjoy all six themselves or share them with family and friends. Why settle for one when you can always indulge in more creamy goodness?” explained Yit.


The new LA CREMERIA® Mini is available in multipack of 6 at major supermarkets and hypermarkets for a recommended retail price of RM10.90. The three variants are:

Creamy vanilla ice cream coated with rich milk chocolate and freshly sliced almonds

Rich chocolate ice cream covered with rich milk chocolate and crunchy cone crumbs

Delicious pecan-flavoured ice cream coated with rich milk chocolate and freshly sliced almonds

Apart from the Mini version, the regular 75ml LA CREMERIA® Stick is now also available in multipack of 3 at a recommended retail price of RM10.05.


The regular LA CREMERIA® stick range was launched in June 2015 alongside the brand’s latest campaign centred on the tagline “The World Can Wait”. The campaign currently features a musical clip hosted on YouTube showcasing local singer songwriter Elizabeth Tan’s LA CREMERIA® moment. From the clip, users can also experience special LA CREMERIA® moments digitally and share them with friends via LA CREMERIA®’s Facebook page.

There will also be a series of in-store roadshows in selected hypermarkets and supermarkets in Peninsular Malaysia from end August onwards where consumers can sample LA CREMERIA® Mini and win attractive prizes.

For more information, kindly visit www.facebook.com/NestleLaCremeria.

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