Pince & Pints Lobster Feasting @ Jalan Telawi 5, Bangsar

Pince & Pints Lobster Feasting @ Jalan Telawi 5, Bangsar
03 Sep


Pince & Pints Restaurant and Bar, the quintessential destination for affordable lobster feasting, will be opening its first outlet in Kuala Lumpur. Specializing in lobster-only comfort food, this first-of-its-kind concept will further enhance the city’s dining offerings much to the delight of savvy consumers and tourists. Hailing from Singapore and situated in Duxton Hill, the city’s hippest dining enclave, Pince & Pints has experienced great success since it first opened the doors of its flagship restaurant in 2014.

Due to open on 9th October 2015, Pince & Pints Kuala Lumpur will be a 55-seater restaurant in the bustling foodie precinct of Bangsar (Jalan Telawi 5, to be exact), presenting incomparable affordable prices for fresh, quality lobsters. The portions are generous and enticing, served in both traditional New England style (that is, the famous “Lobster Roll”) and with a local twist – exclusive to the Kuala Lumpur outlet will be “Lobster Noodles”, homemade egg noodles topped with large chunks of fresh lobster stirfried with scallions and ginger in a lightly seasoned sauce. Featuring just five must-try dishes on the menu, reflecting the restaurant’s unpretentious approach to lobster epicureanism, each item is priced at RM158.00 ++.

The lobsters are wild caught, air-flown, skillfully handled, and stored in state-of-the-art deep sea tanks where even the lobsters may be tricked into thinking that they might be back in the waters of Boston, Maine or Canada, where they are imported from. Handled with care at the Pince & Pints KL warehouse, the lobsters are also readily available to supply to other leading restaurants, hotels and F&B outlets throughout the country.

Inspired by the rustic charm of lobster houses in New England mixed with the polished sophistication of city life, Pince & Pints Kuala Lumpur will be a sleek setting for affordable lobster feasting. The striking interiors are both functional and stylish; an elegant mix of marble, walnut timber finish, bronze mirrors and copper detailing to give it an industrial appeal. A distinctive concave brick-lined ceiling elegantly contrasts with red tiled accent panels and dark grey lobster cage wall features. A discernible lobster-inspired artwork commissioned by one of Malaysia’s most celebrated artists, Ahmad Zakii Anwar, will add a refined statement to the restaurant’s interiors.


Excellent Lobsters; Hard-Shell & Fresh

Freshly caught lobsters are flown in direct from Boston, Maine and Canada, twice weekly, to Pince & Pints’ own holding facility with specifically tuned-in conditions; engineered by state-of-the-art mechanisms. The temperature of the water must be kept at a constant of 5 to 7°C. Like a short getaway, no lobster is allowed to over-stay in the restaurant after 7 days. Close to 5,000 lobsters will be imported to the restaurant every month. Strict conditional handling is of paramount importance. The lobsters served at Pince & Pints Restaurant and Bar are always of top quality – meaty, fresh and juicy.


The Menu : Classics and Local Style Lobster Dishes

The superstar on the menu: The Lobster Roll. A signature at Pince & Pints Restaurant and Bar: steamed, then marinated with mayonnaise and salt. The iconic “top split” homemade bun is generously spread with butter before pan-frying, which makes the roll light and crispy with an aromatic richness. Stuffed with hearty chunks of the natural sweetness of the meat (using a whole lobster and the claw) and coated with chopped chives, the dish is then served with a side of straight cut fries with skin and salad with the restaurant’s own house dressing of sour cherry balasmic vinaigrette.

Unique and exclusive to the outlet in Kuala Lumpur will be the Lobster Noodles: large chunks of shell-on lobster stir-fried with scallions and ginger in a lightly seasoned sauce atop freshly made egg noodles. Served with chilli oil, this signature dish will be a decadent twist on a much-loved comfort food.

Next comes the inimitable lobster dish: Live Whole Lobster. Choose from either a grilled or steamed version, these are the best ways to fully appreciate and experience the natural sweetness and freshness of lobsters. The grilled version comes with mesclun salad tossed in sour cherry and balsamic vinaigrette, herbed butter and straight cut fries with skin. And for the steamed version, the live lobster is steamed in salted water and olive oil (a classic New England technique) to enhance the natural taste of the sea; the perfect option for those wanting to ‘eat clean’.

The flagship restaurant in Singapore inspired the sensational Chili Lobster with Mantou, which has been a hit with locals and tourists alike. With slighty more tart and sweeter than the chili sauce used for crabs, roma tomatoes, ginger, lemon grass, garlic, and egg are added to the chili sauce (a special house blend). The sauce delivers its singular, delicious punch with mantou (fried buns) – providing as the perfect pillows to soak up the mouth-watering gravy.


The Bar : Artisanal Beers, Innovative Cocktails, Boutique Wines and seriously good Mocktails

Cocktails take on a different approach at Pince & Pints where the cocktail menu is curated according to accent flavours – sweet, sour, bitter or dry. Whether looking for the perfect cocktail to start your meal or a dessert-like concoction to relish after satisfying your lobster cravings, cocktails will further excite and tantalize the tastebuds and dining experience. Using only fine quality spirits and homemade syrups, the original cocktails to try include Highway Run Into the Midnight Sun (Gin, Vodka, Fresh Lim, Cilantro, Sugar), Dante’s Dream (Cucumber Gin, St. Germain, Fresh Lime & Mint, Cucumber Syrup) and Lychee Martini No 32 (Rum, Alsatian Gewurztraminer, Lychee Purée & Liquer, Sugar) amongst others.

Pince & Pints Restaurant and Bar will offer an array of boutique wines from all over the world, working with family-operated vineyards that proudly produce organic wines. For those who prefer to eat their lobster dish with a beer in hand, there will be a selection of artisanal brews to choose from. Sourced from niche breweries in the United States, New Zealand, Japan, Jamaica and Scotland, there will be some unique brands on offer.

Mocktails are also given a Pince & Pints original twist, promising to be crowd pleasers. Look out for Freddie Mercury (Cloudy Apple & Fresh Orange Juice, Ginger Gastrique), Sarikei Sour (Pineapple Gum, Fresh Lemon, Honey Pineapple), and Mr. & Mrs. Smith (Fresh Kiwi & Lime, Pandan Syrup, Apple & Guava Juice) as part of the delicious line-up.


For reservations, please visit, and for live updates, please follow Pince & Pints Kuala Lumpur on Instagram (@pinceandpints.kl) and Facebook

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