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US Potato Fest, Culinary Best @ KDU University College
21 Dec

US Potato Fest, Culinary Best @ KDU University College


Thanks for the wonderful invitation, I recently went to ‘US Potato Fest, Culinary Best‘ event which held at KDU University College by the US Potato Board, to showcase various exciting potato recipes for the year end festive celebration.

us potato fest culinary best kdu university college

Baked, boiled, sautéed, roasted, mashed, fried, mixed into dough, pureed in soups, tossed in salads… what could be more versatile than the potato? Available in different sizes, textures and flavors, the United States offers a range of potatoes for every application based on the characteristics and varieties.

us potato fest culinary best kdu university college varieties

Blue & Purple
These potatoes have flesh that ranges from dark blue to lavender to white, providing a pleasant nutty flavor.

Small tubers with a narrow elongated shape similar to one’s fingers, these potatoes are one of the hottest trends in American restaurants. The firm waxy texture makes them ideal for steaming, baking, boiling and salads.

Round Reds
These potatoes have a rosy red skin with white flesh. The firm waxy texture when cooked lends itself well to boiling, roasting, slicing into potato salads and frying.

Round Whites
Smooth, light tan skin and waxy texture, these highly versatile potatoes are medium to low starch, particularly good for salads and for scalloped, steamed, fried or roasted preparations.

Yellow Flesh
These potatoes have a dense, creamy texture and work well for baking, mashing and roasting.

Long Whites
These are medium starch potatoes, good for boiling, microwaving and pan-frying, a good all-purpose potato with firm, waxy or creamy texture when cooked.

High starch russets have brown skin and white flesh. These potatoes have floury texture when cooked, ideal for baking and mashed.

us potato fest culinary best kdu university college chef kenneth kam

Chef Kenneth Kam demonstrated 3 simple recipes using the US potatoes. The first dish was Creamy Gratin US Potato, which enriched with Gruyere and Parmesan topped with a light crisp salad in aged balsamic and pineapple foam.

Followed up with the Oven-roasted Quail stuffed with mushroom and US potato, which served on a bed of golden US hash brown together with a rich celeriac, spinach and parsley puree.

Third dish was the Puree of US Potato Soup topped with a bouquet of fried organic leeks that tossed in chives, baby herbs, chicken bacon and a dash or truffle oil for the finishing.

us potato fest culinary best kdu university college demo

Do you know that, potato contains zero fat and a 148g potato is only 110 calories. It’s all those delicious toppings that add calories and fat. In fact, potato is a low calorie, fat and cholesterol-free vegetable that’s high in Vitamin C and a good source of potassium, Vitamin B6 and dietary fibre.


20 bloggers in 10 teams also took part in the culinary challenge, where cash prizes were up for grab, RM1,000 for the grand prize, RM500 for the 1st runner up and RM300 for the 2nd runner up.

We were required to prepare a delicious festive dish within an hour time using US potatoes as the main ingredient.

us potato fest culinary best kdu university college bloggers

I partnered with Isaac Tan from www.isaactan.net to form our Jolly Good team, and with limited cooking knowledge, we managed to pull off a simple creation, which we named it Jolly Good Oven-baked Potato Wedges. We washed the potatoes thoroughly and left the skin on instead. It contains the majority of the potato’s fibre and many of the nutrients are located close to the skin as well.

us potato fest culinary best kdu university college potato wedges

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