Annual Travel Protector by RHB Insurance

Annual Travel Protector by RHB Insurance
20 Sep

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Thanks for the wonderful invitation, I recently attended a seminar by RHB Insurance, discussing about the Importance of Travel Insurance and what customers should know when getting one for themselves.

annual travel protector by rhb insurance

So, it’s a holiday, what could go wrong?!

What if, you are sick and need to admit hospital in China, but they do not accept foreign credit card?

What if, your passport and wallet are stolen when you travel in Europe?

What if, you are involved in an accident and adequate medical treatment is not available?

Or what if, your medical bill in the US amounted to USD150,000?!!

Am I receiving the right treatment? Will I have sufficient money to pay my hospital bill? How can I go home with bad conditions? Oh… how I wish someone can assist me now, I really feel alone and helpless in a foreign country.

Well… an annual travel insurance is what you need here!


Welcome remarks by Kong Shu Yin, Managing Director of RHB Insurance

annual travel protector by rhb insurance managing director kong shu yin

Annual Travel Protector by RHB Insurance is perfect for the frequent traveller. Why? Because it gives you the freedom to come and go as you please, and one application covers you for the entire year, for as low as RM0.80 per day only!

It is perfect for the whole family as well, because Annual Travel Protector can covers ages from 31 days till 80 years old.

annual travel protector by rhb insurance

With more than 30 coverages, rest assured your worries are eased on all your upcoming trips with the Annual Travel Protector :

1. Accidental Death
Your estate will be paid according to the amount shown in the plan purchased.

2. Permanent Disablement due to Accident
You will be paid according to the scale of benefits provided.

3. Medical Expenses
The usual and customary cost of medical treatment, nursing home or nursing services and emergency dental treatment will be covered.

4. Alternative Medicine Treatment
The medical cost incurred due to treatment from a traditional medicine practitioner, osteopath, physio therapist and/or a chiropractor will be reimbursed.

5. Post-Hospitalisation Treatment
The follow-up medical cost incurred following the return from the trip to your home or country of residence will be reimbursed.

6. Compassionate Visitation
The expenses incurred for additional accommodation and traveling expenses by your immediate family member in the event that you are hospitalised for more than 5 consecutive days will be reimbursed.

7. Child Care Benefit
The expenses incurred for additional accommodation and traveling expenses by your immediate family member to take care of your depedent children who is left unattended as a result of your hospitalization will be reimbursed.

8. Daily Income Benefit
Up to RM500 will be paid every each full day when you are confined to hospital as anin-patient during your trip.

9. Home Care Benefit
Up to RM2,000 will be compensated per event for your loss or damage to house hold contents if your residence is the subject of a burglary during your trip.

10. Emergency Medical Evacuation
The emergency medical evacuation expenses to transfer you from one hospital to another where appropriate medical care is available will be covered.

11. Emergency Medical Repatriation
The repatriation costs in an event that you are hospitalised abroad and need to be transferred back to Malaysia to continue treatment will be covered.

12. Repatriation of Mortal Remains
The reasonable cost of transportation of your remain or ashes back to Malaysia or country of residence will be covered.

13. Personal Luggage & Personal Effects
Up to RM7,500 will be compensated in respect of the loss of your personal luggage and personal effects by the carrier or due to theft.

14. Personal Money
Up to RM7,500 will be compensated in respect of accidental loss of personal money during your trip.

15. Travel Documents
Additional accommodation, travel and communication expenses incurred in obtaining the replacement of loss of passport/visa and travel documents abroad will be covered.

16. Loss of Laptop
The loss or damage to your laptop computer up to RM2,000 will be paid. This benefit is limited to 2 claims per one calendar year.

17. Luggage Delay
Up to RM2,000 will be compensated when your personal belongings and luggage are delayed for at least 6 hours from the time of arrival at your journey detination.

18. Travel Delay
Up to RM3,600 will be compensated if your scheduled booked is delayed in departure for at least 6 hours at any single destination stop (including transit) .

19. Trip Cancellation
Your loss of travel expenses in case of unavoidably cancelled trips will be compensated.

20. Trip Curtailment
You will be covered if you have to cut short your trip by returning home early due to causes beyond your control.

21. Trip Overbooked
RM500 will be paid if you are denied boarding due to over-booking and no alternative transportation is made available within 4 hours of such flight.

22. Trip Misconnection
You will be compensated when your travel connection is missed due to late arrival of the in coming carrier and no onward carrier is made available 6 hours consecutiely.

23. Travel Postponement
Up to RM3,000 will be paid for the cost of rebooking charged by the airlines or travel agency when your trip is postponed.

24. Hijacking Inconvenience
You will be paid RM1000 per 24 hours if the carrier you are traveling in is hijacked.

25. Terrorism
Policy is extended to cover terrorism during your trip.

26. Missed Departure
Up to RM2,000 will be paid for additional accommodation and travel expenses incurred as a result of failure of public transport services to get you to the departure port, airport or train station.

27. Loss of Deposit due to AbscondmentOr Insolvency of Travel Agency
Up to RM20,000 will be reimbursed from the loss of travel deposits or payment to a travel agent due to its insolvency, which resulted in the trip being cancelled.

28. Credit Card Indemnity
Up to RM10,000 will be paid on your behalf for the outstanding credit card expenses incurred if you die or suffer from Permanent Total Disablement within 365 days from the Date of Loss/Accident.

29. Personal Liability
Pays when you are legally liable to pay due to your negligence as a result of bodily injury, loss or damage to third party’s property, or damage to journey accommodation.

30. Travel Re-Route
Up to RM1,200 will be paid when the public conveyance is delayed for at least 6 hours due to re-routing.

31. Rental Car Insurance Excess
Up to RM2,000 will be covered for loss or damage to the rented car, which you are legally liable to pay under a car rental contract arising from an accident.

32. Golf Equipment
Up to RM5,000 will be paid for the replacement or repair cost in the event of loss or damage to your golfing equipment while travelling.

33. Ransom Payment as a Result of Kidnapping & Hostage
Pays any ransom demand as a result of you being held as a Hostage following kidnap.


annual travel protector by rhb insurance

After finishing the seminar, I realized, although passport documentation, money and luggage are important, but health related risks should be the main reason why one need a travel insurance while away for a trip.

I was quite shocked with few real cases shared by the speaker from Asia Assistance. There was this lady fell down from the resort’s window she stayed and compression fractured her L2 spinal vertebrae. She was evacuated back to Malaysia from Bali via an air ambulance with medical escort within 24 hours for further investigation and definitive care. The insured’s medical expenses at Bali were covered, and the total cost of evacuation is RM80,000!!

I can’t imagine myself being in the similar unfortunate conditions without a travel insurance. I think I will totally stress out!


annual travel protector by rhb insurance

So, get the comprehensive cover today with Annual Travel Protector. Take as many trips as you like throughout the year, as long as the length of each trip doesn’t exceed 90 days. It is the perfect hassle-free way to ensure you are covered against any travel inconveniences whole year round!

For more information, please contact 1300-220-007 or visit the website at

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