SevenFriday Q-Series Garage Party Launch

SevenFriday Q-Series Garage Party Launch
11 Dec

Sevenfriday Malaysia

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Thanks to the wonderful invitation, I recently went to SevenFriday Garage Party organised by Red Army Watches to showcase the Q-series – Q1/01 (Essence), Q2/01 (Revolution) and Q3/01 (Engines) in all its glory.

sevenfriday q-series garage party kuala lumpur

The Q-series, with its de-centralised hour ring inspired by regulators, owes its existence to three industrial universes; as a result, SevenFriday has maintained close ties to its predecessors that have evolved into the fourth series of sporty timepieces.

sevenfriday q-series garage party kuala lumpur Q2/01 revolution

“We understand that watch collectors desire variety these days,” says Rocco Giudice, SevenFriday Sales and Marketing Manager APAC. “As such, the ability to change out your strap quickly without the need for watchmaking tools will be a godsend to owners of the new Q-series who may want to pair their own NATO, Zulu, rubber or leather strap with the watch for different occasions. The watch is a natural progression of what we’re trying to achieve and I believe that by retaining the design language from previous SevenFriday timepieces, we’re capitalising on what has been working well even as we move forward with new inspiration.”

While there is an added conventional date window, the rest of the watch is anything but conventional. Deciphering the time will take a little getting used to, but it’s a far cry from the V-series that needed a little mental arithmetic to tell what’s going on. This time round, there’s only a solo minute sand sandwiched between a hypnotising seconds disc and a decentralised 24-hour ring that’s rotating on two versions and looks like a gauge indicator on steamboats on the Q2/01 influenced by the notion of adventure and vintage ships with brass Engine Order Telegraphs.

sevenfriday q-series garage party kuala lumpur rocco giudice

“I’m a personal fan of what Dan [Niederer] is trying to achieve with SevenFriday,” says Soemantri Kusumadi, executive director of Red Army Watches Malaysia. “As such, it’s a genuine pleasure to see what’s next from the company. The latest Q-Series has a very interesting aesthetic, while staying resolutely in the spirit of those that came before it, combining a resourcefulness in its application of materials with a modern approach to watch making.”

sevenfriday q-series garage party kuala lumpur watch

The models are further differentiated with the Q1/01 distilling design cues from music and recording studio equipment with a gun mental central plate; while the Q3/01 has a dial face that is inspired by the engines of blindingly fast supercars that is highlighted by its black PVD treated sandblasted stainless steel case. Each watch in the Q-Series is powered by a robust automatic Miyota 8219 movement that is partially visibly through an open balance wheel.

The entire dial has an interface that seems to be operating independently, yet they are synchronised down to the second and solidified with a coordinated aesthetics that is well conceptualised.

sevenfriday q-series garage party kuala lumpur rohnie tan haze long

“I believe that the appeal of our watches lies in our application of bold designs and micro-engineering dexterity that has allowed to flourish with each subsequent incarnation of new entries to the range of sporty timepieces that are unique in their understanding of time-keeping.”

sevenfriday m-series garage party kuala lumpur watch

SEVENFRIDAY is exclusively available at Red Army Watches – Pavilion KL, Tropicana City Mall, 1 Utama Shopping Centre, Gurney Plaza – Penang, – Gatewaymall @ KLIA2 , Yee Wah Hing – Bangsar Shopping Center, AWG – Mid Valley Shopping Center, Perniagaan Tai Hing – Johor Bahru, Swee Cheong Watch – Kota Bharu and Perfect Time – Sibu.


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