Is Smokin’ @ Tony Roma’s Malaysia

Is Smokin’ @ Tony Roma’s Malaysia
20 Apr

Tony Roma’s Malaysia

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Thanks to the wonderful invitation, I recently went to sample Tony Roma’s Is Smokin’, their latest indulgence promotion to satisfy the appetites for those with smokey taste buds.

From 17th April to 28th May 2017, Tony Roma’s fans can now satiate their palates with the smokey flavor specially innovated from the grilling method and ingredients used in the food menu as well as beverages.

tony roma malaysia is smokin avocado fries

Fresh crispy Avocado Fries (RM14.90) served with roasted tomatoes and cilantro lime sauces, a unique appetizer to kick-off your meal with.

tony roma malaysia is smokin seafood

Priced at RM159.90, this Tony Roma’s signature seafood items – Lobster, Shrimp Pasta & Hickory Grilled Blue Hake Fish Platter with BBQ butter is perfect for sharing with family or friends, served together with mushroom rice, french fries and vegetable medley at side.

tony roma malaysia is smokin beef ribs chicken skewers

Meat lovers can enjoy this perfect combination of Smokey Beef Ribs & Chicken Skewer Combo at only RM59.90, a combination of two beef ribs brushed with smokey BBQ sauce and two skewers of grilled chicken accompanied by vegetables basted with smokey BBQ sauce, is served with loaded mashed potatoes and vegetable medley.

tony roma malaysia is smokin chicken skewers

For chicken lovers, do not miss the Smokey Chicken Skewers (RM31.90), comprising three skewers of grilled chicken and vegetables basted with smokey BBQ sauce and accompanied with mushroom rice and vegetable medley at side.

“Tony Roma’s has always been an innovator, and in 2017 we continue ramping up that innovative spirit with this latest campaign. Guests across the industry are broadening their horizons on flavor profiles, and slow-smoked meats are especially popular this year. This global food trend is a natural one to connect to the Tony Roma’s brand with the grill being so prominent to the cooking method we employ in restaurants, and to the flavors that the grill imparts to our foods,” said George Ang, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Grand Companions Sdn. Bhd, the franchise holder of Tony Roma’s Malaysia.


tony roma malaysia is smokin pina colada beverages

My favourite Pina Strawberry Swirl (RM17.91), a Pina Colada swirl with strawberry topped with crushed pineapple. Other choices to accompany your smokin’ meal including Original Pina Colada and Pina Mango Swirl for more party feel.

To make it more interesting, Tony Roma’s Tropical Sensations’ Mocktails are also available at only RM11.55 each; the Bahama Mama – a blend of refreshing Pina colada mixed with orange and pineapple juice, Pineapple Sunrise – a sweet and sour mixed of pineapple and orange juice, and the Tropical Orange Freeze – a mixture of Pina colada mix blend with orange juice.

“Food brings happiness and our chefs are trained to grill each item to perfection and to the desire of our guests. I want our guests to leave Tony Roma’s knowing why we’re regarded as masters of the grill,” said George Ang. For more information about Tony Roma’s, kindly visit


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