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F&N Raya With Hang Tarik
20 May

F&N Raya With Hang Tarik

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Thanks to the wonderful invitation, I recently went to Mydin USJ for F&N’s event to introduce the “Gold Standard” and Teh Tarik Master, “Hang Tarik” for the perfected art of Teh Tarik making.

F&N unveiled its new F&N Raya dengan Hang Tarik video which featured Hang Tarik F&N coming to the rescue of a frazzled family preparing to welcome their guests during the festive season by sharing the secret to making a good cup of Teh Tarik Ori.

f&n gold standard teh tarik ori how to make

Step 1 – Mix 2.5g of tea powder with REALLY hot water.
Step 2 – Add in 2 spoonful of F&N Sweetened Condensed Milk for that SPECIAL taste.
Step 3 – Pull the tea for 3 times to achieve an ideal creamy foam.

f&n gold standard teh tarik ori

Senior Marketing Manager of F&N Beverages Marketing, Ms Eileen Chan commented during the event, “F&N Sweetened Condensed Milk and F&N Evaporated Milk is the perfect taste enhancer that helps Malaysians to achieve the gold standard of Teh Tarik Ori. We aim to preserve the heritage of the original Teh Tarik whilst strengthening the real great taste across generations and ethnic groups.”

f&n gold standard teh tarik ori challenge

Shoppers at Mydin for the very first time had the chance to learn to make the perfect Teh Tarik Ori through a series of simulated game obstacles to be completed within a set time frame.

f&n gold standard teh tarik ori game booth

“Organising experiential events such as the one today is a good platform for us to share, engage and reward our loyal customers in a fun way. It has been said that years of training and experience is needed to learn the art of making Teh Tarik, but now everyone can learn to make a perfect cuppa which has a “just nice” sweetness that is creamy, smooth and frothy; all you have to do is “kahwin” F&N Sweetened Condensed Milk and F&N Evaporated Milk,” Ms Eileen added.

f&n gold standard teh tarik ori performance

There were breathtaking performances by the F&N Teh Tarik experts during the event as well. With Teh Tarik moves that incorporated the unique and diversified cultures across Malaysia, the experts demonstrated how Teh Tarik Ori best enjoyed within the context of authenticity and heritage of our rich Malaysian culture.

f&n gold standard teh tarik ori hang tarik

F&N’s superior dairy products are a familiar and essential part of Malaysian lifestyles and tastes. Being the preferred dairy mix to a perfect brewed cup of Teh Tarik Ori, F&N Sweetened Condensed Milk and F&N Evaporated Milk is everyone’s trusted favourite for all occasions.

f&n gold standard teh tarik ori dairies

For more information, please visit www.fn.com.my.


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