Revel Ubud Food Festival with Airbnb

Revel Ubud Food Festival with Airbnb
10 May


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What better way to experience Indonesia than to immerse yourself in a culinary spectacle showcasing the country’s diverse cuisine? Themed “Every flavor is a story”, Ubud Food Festival is holding the third edition of the three-day culinary exploration that will feature top chefs, restaurateurs and celebrated culinary icons from Indonesia and all over the world. Tantalize your taste buds as they whip up three days of culinary masterclasses and gourmet demonstrations.

ubud food festival bennu house airbnb veranda

Bali, recently named the world’s best destination by TripAdvisor, is already a holiday favorite among travelers and its popularity is showing no signs of slowing with Airbnb data showing an 89% year-on-year increase in 2016 for the number of inbound guest arrivals.

Ubud, the second most booked area in Bali, which comes alive during the Ubud Food Festival, is a must-see for foodies around the region. To make life easy for you, Airbnb has pulled together a list of the town’s most exquisite vacation rentals, so you have somewhere beautiful to relax as you digest!

ubud food festival antique javanese teak house airbnb

Antique Javanese Teak House

Experience the heart of Balinese culture than to stay at listing made from antique Javanese teak? This unique 150-year-old listing offers guests an in-depth look at what defines Indonesia architecturally.

ubud food festival rice field bamboo dome airbnb

Rice Field Bamboo Dome

This unique eco-friendly 2-story dome is situated in a rice field, designed for eco-conscious travelers who love nature. Made primarily from bamboo, guests will be treated with beautiful panoramic views of the rice fields from the top of the dome.

ubud food festival villa mahakal airbnb

Villa Mahakal

Situated at the heart of the Syan rice fields, the villa promises to bring you the rustic charm of Ubud, bringing you unrivalled views of Ubud’s iconic rice fields and volcanoes.

ubud food festival wu wei wisdom sanctuary airbnb

Wu Wei Wisdom Sanctuary

This serene listing sits at the crossroads of nature, spirituality and the creative arts, and promises to allow guests to relax and soak in the tranquil atmosphere of the “World’s First Wisdom Sanctuary”.

ubud food festival bennu house airbnb

Bennu House

A beautiful perfect romantic getaway to tuck in and enjoy with your significant other after a long day at the Ubud Food Festival, which is touted to be “a dream come true” if you’re looking a “serene and peaceful” place to stay at.

ubud food festival villa lebah airbnb

Villa Lebah

Live like royalty at the heart of Ubud at Villa Lebah with a fabulous pool and patio and being able to enjoy all the comforts of a home nestled in a secluded rice field.

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