Blissful Riang Raya Rose Bandung @ Sangkaya, Malaysia

Blissful Riang Raya Rose Bandung @ Sangkaya, Malaysia
11 Jun


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Thanks for the wonderful invitation, I recently went to Sangkaya and tried out their ‘Blissful Riang Raya‘ promotion, a new flavour for this Raya festive season until the 31st of July.

sangkaya cafe hopping malaysia blissful riang raya

The new promotional flavour, Rose Bandung, is something all Malaysians can relate to. A taste familiar to the palate which all Malaysians can appreciate.

sangkaya cafe hopping malaysia blissful riang raya bandung bliss

Bandung Bliss (RM12.20 incl. GST), 4 scoops of Rose Bandung flavoured ice cream served in a coconut shell along with strips of coconut flesh.

sangkaya cafe hopping malaysia blissful riang raya bandung blitz

Bandung Blitz (RM9.90 incl. GST), a Rose Bandung flavoured coconut shake served with diced cincau (grass jelly) and a scoop of Bandung Ice Cream.


Behold! Besides your traditional ice cream cones and waffle bowls, Sangkaya has created new renditions of Malaysia’s traditional desserts. Coconut inspired, all of their desserts have taken a new direction in terms of flavour and creativity, which is bound to tick all your dessert boxes.

sangkaya cafe hopping malaysia new menu ice cream cookiez

A duplet of coconut cookies hugging a scoop of premium coconut ice cream. This Ice Cream Cookiez (RM4.90 incl. GST) is the perfect bite size snack for the quick fix. This is also very much suitable as a tea time snack if you are looking for something light and easy.

Revised and improved Fresh Baked Waffles (RM12.90 incl. GST). Freshly baked coconut waffles accompanied by a trifecta of coconut ice cream scoops. A sprinkle of freshly toasted coconut flakes and a side of whipped cream to top of the crunchy and fluffy delight.

sangkaya cafe hopping malaysia new menu malaysian toast

Roti Bakar with butter and kaya needs no introduction for all of us. The Malaysian Toast (RM6.90 incl. GST), is something that is familiar to most Malaysians. Instead of the beloved Kaya spread, Sangkaya creatively instilled Kaya into the ice cream instead. Two slices of toasted Hainan bread, crunchy on the outside soft on the inside served with frozen butter compliments the 2 scoops of Kaya ice cream. This is guaranteed to pay homage to the traditional Malaysian treat.

Thinking of something massive? Best Giler!! (RM17.90 incl. GST) is definitely for you. A Dark Jumbo Cone filled with a chocolate sauce with a massive scoop of Ice Cream. You also have a waffle cone filled with Gula Melaka sauce waiting to seduce the coconut ice cream with its rich and natural sweetness. The Best Giler is Sangkaya’s vision of the Yin and Yang in the dessert realm.

Ice Cream Campur (RM10.90 incl. GST) is somewhat of a rendition and a combination of bits and pieces of desserts we enjoy. It is a concoction of 2 scoops of coconut ice cream, 1 scoop of gula melaka ice cream, coconut flesh, roasted peanuts, sweet corn, cincau, cendol and nata de coco. The introduction of Nata de Coco into the mix is somewhat refreshing and exciting. The coconut based jelly really stands out and adds new dimension to the overall mix.

If variety is your forte, then this Kiasu Platter (RM32.90 incl. GST) is for you. Suitable for up to 3-4 people for sharing, it includes a waffle, a molten cake, a pair of cookies, an ice cream waffle bowl. The molten cake is fluffy and also comes in 2 flavours, black sesame and teh ijo (green tea). The salted egg molten lava is wonderful mix to the freshly churned coconut ice cream.

sangkaya cafe hopping malaysia new menu gula melaka ice cream

Gula Melaka is a new flavour that has been recently launched from the coconut ice cream phenomenon. Believed to be the next Sangkaya craze, it’s made from fresh Gula Melaka boiled down, infused into the coconut ice cream and churned to perfection. It has the right amount of natural palm sugar sweetness chaperoned with a coconut base flavour. You gotta try it!


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