Where To Get Nikon Lenses At A Cheaper Price?

Where To Get Nikon Lenses At A Cheaper Price?
30 Jun


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I have been using Nikon D90 for few years already in my blogging life. Although the size is a bit bulky compared to mirrorless camera, but I still like the ‘feel’ of holding a DSLR and it serves me well so far.

carousell mobile marketplace app nikon lenses

I am currently using the 18-105 kit lens, and would like to get a macro 50mm lens for food photography specifically to get those close up mouth-watering shots! Shooting with long lens is just not the same as using a lens with macro capabilities.

It is quite difficult to look for second hand lens in good condition for me to purchase locally. Macro lens is not really my main gadget hence I do not wish to spend so much money on it too.


A friend of mine recommended me Carousell, a mobile marketplace app that makes selling stuff as simple as taking a photo. The app makes online buying and selling accessible to all while creating a safe, friendly and helpful community of happy users.

carousell mobile marketplace app

It is quite easy to look for items that I want using Carousell. I just type in ‘Nikon Lenses‘ and a list of wide options pop up for me to choose from. I can also do price comparisons between sellers to get the cheapest deal, with just a click of mouse!

carousell mobile marketplace app safety rules

Carousell is an open community where members have the freedom to conduct transactions in ways which they feel most comfortable. It is relatively quite safe to buy and sell at Carousell if you follow their rules.

Snap, list and sell in 30 seconds! Join the Carousell community today by downloading the app at now!

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