Healthier Cooking with Aqua KENT Excell Plus Water Filter

Healthier Cooking with Aqua KENT Excell Plus Water Filter
26 Aug

Aqua Kent RO Malaysia

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No matter where you are, Reverse Osmosis (RO) water guarantees pure and refreshing water. In Malaysia, we’re not encouraged to drink directly from the tap because the water sources hold too much bacteria. As a result, most households have water purifiers. But how different is regular filtered water from RO water filter?

aqua kent excell plus water filter RO

Firstly, the RO process removes large harmful particles through small-sized pores. It’s a multistage filtration method that uses high pressure to push water through a semi-permeable membrane that sifts out micro-organisms and minerals. It’s a common purification technique to filter solid contaminants. However, it also removes essential minerals in the process that makes water taste bland. That’s why Aqua Kent invented the Mineral RO Technology so minerals are retained even after a rigorous RO process.


Benefits of Drinking RO Cleansed Water

1. RO Systems Effectively Remove Impurities

aqua kent excell plus water filter reverse osmosis water

Toxic water has terrible effects on the human body. Contaminants such as lead, arsenic, copper, chlorine and fluoride are all present in water sources! No matter where you live, contaminated water is still huge issue. Reverse Osmosis pushes water through a semi permeable membrane to remove impurities.

Aqua Kent uses Filmtech RO Membrane that provides high performance in filtering water. Instead of low-quality membranes, it has a longer performance life in treating extremely contaminated industrial water. Think about it, the more dirty the water, the harder your water filter has to work. But with Filmtech RO Membrane, it lasts longer because it’s made of proper quality membrane.

Protect your health by drinking RO Purified Water today!

2. RO Promotes Healthier Cooking

aqua kent excell plus water filter cooking

Dirty water is definitely going to affect how your food tastes. I mean, why would you want to contaminate your food with dust, rust, and mud particles?

We use so much water in cooking. From boiling rice to making soups, having 100% clean water is a difference you can taste. If you’re simply boiling water to “purify” it, that’s not enough. While boiling only kills bacteria, unfiltered water from the tap doesn’t remove any impure particles at all!

You could very well be exposing you and your family to radioactive substances and chemical components. Why risk it when technology offers safe-to-drink RO water? Your health is worth more than cheap water.

3. Stop Buying Bottled Water

aqua kent excell plus water filter bottled drink

You got to admit, bottled water and tap water tastes vastly different. If you’re someone who spends a couple ringgit on bottled water every day, you contribute to plastic waste. It endangers our environment as plastic is not biodegradable at all. It’s even worse if one doesn’t take the time to recycle it.

Invest in an RO Water Purifier. You’ll reduce landfills of rubbish and get to drink clean tasting water without the hard tap water taste. Why buy bottled water when you can get RO purified water from the comfort of your home? It produces the same purified drinking water while saving the environment, and saving costs in the long run.

4. RO Water Tastes Better!

aqua kent excell plus water filter tds controller retain minerals

One of the main reasons why people opt for RO purified water is simply how great it tastes! After removing all the impurities, you get this cool refreshing water. In addition, KENT Excell combines RO and Ultra Violet (UV) purification and Ultra Filtration (UF) processes to produce safe drinking water. With 6 intense purification stages, Aqua Kent stands out in the water purifier industry.

Stage 1 – Sediment Filter
Raw water from the source goes through a Sediment Filter, removing all large suspended particles. These include mud, sand, rust and more.

Stage 2 – Activated Carbon Filter
KENT’s specially treated activated carbon further traps chemical pollutants. These include hydrocarbons and foul smells.

Stage 3 – RO Purification
The Reverse Osmosis Purifier removes harmful substances through a semi-permeable membrane. It reduces dissolved impurities like chlorine and fluoride.

Stage 4 – UF Purification
Water is pumped through the Ultra Filtration Purification. UF Purification removes bacteria and cysts that can cause serious illnesses. Keeping your family protected from harmful chemicals.

Stage 5 – TDS Controller
With Aqua Kent’s patented Mineral RO Technology, the Total Dissolved Solids Controller retains beneficial minerals from being stripped during KENT’s rigorous purification process.

Stage 6 – UV Purification
As added protection, KENT uses double purification by filtering water one last time through Ultra Violet Purification. This final step removes bacteria and viruses making water finally safe to drink.


KENT Excell : An Efficient Under-the-Counter Water Purifier

aqua kent excell plus water filter under-the-counter unit

After surveying and researching Malaysia’s market, I decided that KENT Excell+ was the perfect under-the-counter water purifier option since I was having space constraints. Built with patented Mineral RO Technology, it’s designed to destroy bacteria and remove dissolved impurities. Its double purification combines Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Ultraviolet (UV) / Ultra Filtration (UF) in a multi-stage filtration process. With an added stainless steel tap, and TDS Controller it retains essential minerals for crisp drinking water.

aqua kent excell plus water filter tap

Before delivery, I was walked through the entire process of purchasing, installing, and maintenance. When the day came, the installation process was fairly easy. After confirming a date, Aqua Kent’s professional technicians dropped by my place to install the under-the-counter water purifier. They didn’t take long before KENT Excell+ was expertly installed under my sink.

aqua kent excell plus water filter installation

I couldn’t be more satisfied with the quick, hassle-free installation. The technicians also gave me advice on how when it’s due to change filters. Now I’ve got fresh, purified water! One of the reasons, I picked KENT Excell+ was for its sturdy design and unrivaled water purification. This 7-liter purifier fits snugly under my sink with a high water storage capacity in case of water disruptions.

aqua kent excell plus water filter awards

Along with other numerous credentials, KENT has international certificates from both WQA and NSF USA. Rest assured that KENT purifiers deliver 100% purifier water of the highest standards. Over the years, KENT RO has won Asia’s Most Promising Brand, Best Domestic Water Purifier Awards just to name a few. The accumulation of awards and accolades reflect KENT’s commitment to quality and proves testimonies of ground-breaking technology.

aqua kent excell plus water filter price

Look no further for the best and most affordable water purifier service in Malaysia! Aqua Kent holds true to being efficient and providing amazing after-sales service. They have formed a reputable and trustable brand worldwide over the years. A reliable water filter system in Malaysia with a high customer satisfaction rate. I certainly wasn’t disappointed! From start till finish, they provided a reasonable price of RM1272 that covers my purchase of KENT Excell+ water purifier, installation, delivery and 1 year warranty.

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