5 Things I Like Diamond Coral Alkaline Water™

5 Things I Like Diamond Coral Alkaline Water™
25 Nov

Diamond Coral

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Being a food blogger, maintaining good health is very important to me. Do you know that most of the common health problems are the consequences of acidic physique.

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Diamond is a well-known household name that is no stranger to local as well as international markets. Thanks to a friend’s recommendation, I recently have the opportunity to try out the Diamond Coral Alkaline Water™, where its nature alkaline water provides alkaline minerals that can fit our body needs and thus reduce health problems caused by acidic physique.

By applying 3 main processes: purification, mineralization, magnetization, and with its 18 treatments, it produces Coral Alkaline Water, with alkaline pH of 7.5-8.5. The water contains alkaline minerals, which is beneficial to health and keeps the concerns of acidic physique away.


Coral Calcium – Diamonds of Ocean

The soul of Coral Alkaline Water™ lies in the Coral Calcium, also known as the “Diamonds of Ocean”, which formed by the corals that live in the pollution-free ocean after experiencing centuries of weathering. For a long period of time, the coral calcium absorbs precious nutrients in the depths of the ocean and contains more than 70 kinds of beneficial minerals such as natural calcium and magnesium ions that can improve acidic physique.

Coral calcium is derived from beautiful coral reefs. It is simply one of the best raw materials for natural alkaline water production.


Natural Healthy Lifestyle

Adults should drink about 8-10 glasses of water daily, while children around 3-5 glasses daily. Rich in minerals and trace elements, Coral Alkaline Water™ has a tinge of sweetness and high penetration power, it is also easier to be absorbed by our body after magnetization. It creates wonders in making a variety of beverages.

diamond coral alkaline water preserve veggie freshness

I am impressed also that Coral Alkaline Water™ can help to preserve the natural sweetness and freshness of fruits and vegetables, as well as reduce the sourness in red wine by just soaking it for few minutes. This is really a good helper in my kitchen.


International Certification

diamond coral alkaline water purification mineralization magnetization

If you are concerned about its quality, Diamond Coral Alkaline Water™ system has been tested and certified by the Water Quality Association in 200 safety and performance tests according to NSF/ANSI 42 for the reduction of chlorine, taste and odor, as well as NSF/ANSI 53 for turbidity and VOCs.

It is proven to be able to filter and remove rust, dust, bacteria, chemical components and heavy metals such as aluminum, iron, copper, lead and many others. The purified water met the drinking water safety standards set by World Health Organization (WHO) and reserved beneficial minerals at the same time.


Free Trial

Before you decide to invest in anything, you can always experience the health benefits of Diamond Coral Alkaline Water™ under their 60-day free trial program at absolutely no cost! You can make your purchase only after you are fully satisfy with it.

Enjoy the most natural, most basic and cost-effective form of health supplement. The daily cost is just as low as the price of a bottled water. For more info, kindly visit their website at

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