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Air-Flown Seafood & Premium Beef @ Kokoro Kitchen Restaurant, Kuala Lumpur
19 Apr

Air-Flown Seafood & Premium Beef @ Kokoro Kitchen Restaurant, Kuala Lumpur

Kokoro Kitchen Restaurant

7-0-3, Ground Floor, Danau Business Centre
Jalan 3/109F, Taman Danau Desa, 58100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel : 603-7972 5952
FB : Kokoro Kitchen Restaurant

Business Hours :
Mon – Fri


kokoro kitchen restaurant japanese cuisine signage

There are a lot of good Japanese restaurants around Taman Desa Kuala Lumpur, and Kokoro Kitchen Restaurant is one of my recent favourites for their air-flown seafood and premium beef imported from Japan. Its big signage is very noticeable from the main road and the restaurant is same row with RT Pastry House.

kokoro kitchen restaurant japanese cuisine sashimi

Diners are spoilt for affordable choice with Kokoro’s thick-cut fresh premium sashimi from the air-flown seafood, including Otoro (fattiest tuna belly RM70 3pcs), Chutoro (medium fatty tuna belly RM60 3pcs), Salmon Belly (RM22.50 3pcs), Kanpachi (RM19.50 3pcs), Hamachi (RM19.50 3pcs), Amaebi (RM22.50 3pcs), Hotate (RM19.50 3pcs), and many more delicious selection!

kokoro kitchen restaurant japanese cuisine saba meshi rice

Following the Kyushu’s cooking method, this Saba Meshi (RM22.90) will not disappoint with its good portion especially to those fish lovers. The Japanese rice was cooked together with oil essence dripped from the grilled Saba fish, so that it is more fragrant and appetizing to savour, something similar like the Hainanese chicken rice that cooked together with chicken oil.

kokoro kitchen restaurant japanese cuisine grilled hamachi collar

Chef just grilled the Hamachi Collar (RM52.90) with simple seasonings like seasalt to retain its original taste and natural sweetness from the fish meat. The texture is so good it will surely leave your senses wanting for more bites!

kokoro kitchen restaurant japanese cuisine teppanyaki australian meltique beef

For beef lovers, you do not want to miss out Kokoro’s special promotion on their Australian Meltique Beef. You can now enjoy this premium meat at RM75 per 300gm (previously was RM75 per 100gm), in either teppanyaki Japanese style, pan-grilled topped with mushroom sauce, teppanyaki Chinese style, or sukiyaki shabu-shabu for RM129.

kokoro kitchen restaurant japanese cuisine beef menu

I hope you are salivating already because I certainly am! Kokoro also serves A5 Grade Wagyu Beef like Kagoshima (RM110 per 100gm), Australian Tajima (RM70 per 100gm), and Australian Snow Beef (RM95 per 200gm) to satisfy your cravings toward these beautiful premium meats! The principal characteristics of the meat are its tenderness and full-bodied flavour, together with well-balanced fat marbling throughout the muscle fibres.

kokoro kitchen restaurant japanese cuisine nasu itame brinjal

I am not really into the brinjal until I tried this Nasu Itame (RM11.90), a pan-fried dish with brinjal and cherry tomato in savoury miso sauce. The appetizing gravy really brings out the soul of the ingredients, it is also good to go with a bowl of warm white rice.

kokoro kitchen restaurant japanese cuisine interior

Nothing too fancy inside the Kokoro Kitchen Restaurant, just warm and casual dining ambiance providing good quality Japanese cuisine at prices that will not burn a hole at your wallet. Do call up to make reservation if you are in big group to avoid any disappointment.


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