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Discover The Best Places & Services With TapTab
26 Apr

Discover The Best Places & Services With TapTab


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People often ask me for recommendation on the best places to visit, the best restaurants to dine in, or the best shops to get their services done. Well, sometimes I may not have enough information or have not try it personally to advice them with useful insights on their enquiries.

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Thanks to a friend’s introduction, I recently get to know about TapTab, a free social discussion app that connects friendly, like-minded people to get trusted information about Restaurants, Nightlife, Fitness & Health, and Auto Services.

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Aims to establish an interactive platform for users to share thoughts about local businesses in their city, TapTab is building a social community of helpful individuals. You can join thousands of group chats with locals where you can discuss on every imaginable topic related to Restaurants, Nightlife, Fitness & Health, and Auto Services in TapTab.

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The app will automatically attaches a group chat to every listed establishment under these 4 verticals, allowing you to enter group chats about any existing business to share your thoughts. You can count on TapTab for honest and reliable information through their innovative multimedia channels.


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So, what can you do with this social discussion app TapTab?

* Trustworthy Reviews
TapTab is a free, social communication platform for the community to share their thoughts and advice.

* Best of the Best
TapTab collects opinions and multimedia content from large, public group chats and shares the best comments with the world.

* Social Search Engine
TapTab focuses on 4 core tenets of city life: restaurants, nightlife, fitness, and auto services. You can always use the app to find the best establishments in your area.

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* Conveniently Get In Touch
Skip the phone call when you get in touch with a business! Some local businesses can be contacted by messaging them straight from TapTab.

* Show Your Passion
Make friends with members of the TapTab community, including many owners of local businesses near you.

* Secure and Accountable
Use TapTab to pay friends and business owners easily and keep tabs on your spending, an interesting feature that is coming very soon!


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For business owners, you can promote your brand, products or services to the local community and gain new customers and leads efficiently. Businesses can easily communicate with their customers through TapTab’s innovative messaging service.

The interface is easy for me to understand and navigate around TapTab. The information provided on businesses are also complete for me to know better their services and how to get in touch with them. Overall, I find TapTab is helpful for me to discover a city alongside its local community better, and of course smarter too.

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A pioneering social review app of the future, check out TapTab now at https://taptab.info. The best recommendations come from knowledgeable and friendly people in your local community, and their opinions are more trustworthy if you’re looking to try something new.

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    Jack Lim

    May 8, 2018 at 3:44 pm

    Cool app

    Jack Lim

    May 8, 2018 at 3:44 pm

    This app is pretty useful for me

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