CYANOR X, The Superfood For Your Genes

CYANOR X, The Superfood For Your Genes
26 May

Elken Malaysia

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You can’t change your DNA blueprint, but you can change how your GENES are expressed!!!

cyanor x elken malaysia launching event

Thanks to the wonderful invitation, I recently went to the launching event of CYANOR X, a revolutionary superfood for your genes that contains active and unique metabolites to regulate gene functions.

cyanor x elken malaysia dr valentine caillaud founder ak tan

ELKEN has been widely known as the expert of spirulina for more than 20 years. Being a dynamic company which constantly seeks for improvement and is shifting her paradigm towards a science-based and technology smart MLM company, ELKEN visionary founder Mr AK Tan recognizes the need of product evolution and expansion of new selling proposition to ensure our products remain competitive, relevant and fulfill consumers’ needs.

cyanor x elken malaysia chewable dr valentine caillaud

The fusion of 2 great minds happened with the perfect partnership between visionary founder Mr AK Tan with ingenious scientist Dr Bejit Ideas who is microbiota specialist with PhD in Biochemistry. After 6 years of unrelenting scientific research, sourcing, laboratory testing, production trial and development of the 10-step patented technology which incorporates the musical element, the fruit of labor is the birth of a revolutionary and innovative superfood for your genes, CYANOR X.

cyanor x elken malaysia on off switch

The product name ‘CYANOR’ is derived from the word ‘Cyanobacteria’ which is the blue-green algae whilst the ‘X’ resembles the shape of your chromosomes which carries your unique body genes, the blueprint of life. The ‘On/Off’ symbol embossed meticulously on each tablet represents the product functional benefit on gene expression, which is the switching on or off of gene activities when it is deemed necessary for health promoting mechanism.

cyanor x elken malaysia chewable tablets

CYANOR X contains a proprietary blend of more than 100 unique and active metabolites which are awarded the “Best Innovative Ingredients 2015” in the Malta Polyphenol World Congress. It has a scientific breakthrough of Gene Sonar Delivery System that delivers highly absorbable metabolites to specific genes via the 4-step approach, namely SCAN, DETECT, LOCATE and EXPRESS specific genes in the body.

cyanor x elken malaysia genes

Clinical studies have demonstrated that the metabolites of CYANOR X are able to regulate certain inflammatory gene expression pathways such as PPAR, cytokine IL-6, cytokine TNF-α and C-Reactive Protein (CRP), resulting in anti-inflammatory effect up to 60%. The metabolites also boost up antioxidant effect up to 90% by regulating gene expression pathways such as hepatic Nrf-2, antioxidant SOD level, antioxidant GPx level, antioxidant enzyme CAT and blood level of MDA.

cyanor x elken malaysia metabolites

By its significant anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory activities via gene expression, CYANOR X able to prevent and manage many degenerative diseases such as cardiovascular complications, metabolic syndrome, hepatic diseases, imbalance of immune system, respiratory disorders, gastrointestinal problems and abnormal cell growth. CYANOR X also promotes wellness and healthy ageing through personalized health optimization at the genetic level.

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