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Food For The Soul By Vitacare Pharmacy
16 Jun

Food For The Soul By Vitacare Pharmacy

Vitacare Pharmacy

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Thanks to the wonderful invitation, I recently went to ‘Food For The Soul‘ event by Vitacare Pharmacy, a casual yet exciting discovery of how eating well and internal health is the key to our overall well-being.

vitacare food for the soul guests

The longest serving independent pharmacy in Malaysia, Vitacare is the leading provider of holistic health and wellness consultation, products and services with a strength of 10 stores across Klang Valley. Driven by their core purpose to provide top-quality wellness consultation and products, Vitacare is well-known to have professional licensed pharmacists at all stores at all times, offering a variety of health food and drinks, in addition to a complete range of pharmaceutical products, personal care and general products.


The Types of Protein We Consume and Its Effects by Dawson

vitacare food for the soul dawson plant protein

Protein is the building blocks of life. We need minimum of 0.8g per kg body weight of protein daily, or for optimal 1.2 to 1.5 g per kg body weight. Athletes, body builders, and high physical activity individuals need even higher of 1.4 to 2.7 g per kg body weight. While patient with chronic kidney disease is recommended to take only <0.6 g per kg body weight of protein.

Do you take enough of protein? We can consume protein from foods like mussels (182g), shrimps (75g), spirulina (33g), uncooked mushroom (776g), chick pea (313g), scallops (118g), codfish (143g), chicken breast (87g), egg whites (182g), tempeh (103g), or red kidney beans (250g). While we can not consume that much of foods sometimes due to hectic lifestyle, we can opt for plant protein that is highly digestible, and no usage of solvents, artificial sweeteners, as well as chemicals with natural manufacturing process.

vitacare food for the soul dawson plant protein

Dawson’s Plant Protein is a functional, easy to digest, free of cholesterol and gluten, pure vegan protein supplement. It offers full spectrum of essential amino acids. Enriched with prebiotic (FOS), it helps for better digestive system, tissue cells healing, improves muscle mass, enhancement of immune system, promotes healthy brain, heart and strong bones function, as well as weight management to achieve an ideal body figure.

Compare to Whey protein that contains artificial sweeteners and are often heavily processed, Dawson’s Plant Protein complements our daily diet without any major food allergens, suitable for growing children and elderly. Its smooth and rich texture simply satisfies your taste buds.


The Importance of Grains in Our Body by GoodMorning

vitacare food for the soul goodmorning 18 grains

Grains are god-gifted food which can bring health. Thanks to GoodMorning 18 Grains, whole grains can be delicious too with just simple preparation within 5 minutes!

vitacare food for the soul goodmorning 18 grains ingredients

GoodMorning 18 Grains is a brand of healthy and nutritious whole grain beverage in the grains market, offering a range of whole grain drinks made up of selected 18 types of premium whole grains along with different unique ingredients. This super combination of 18 grains provide a heart-warming and delicious taste that subverts the dull impression of plain and tasteless grains.

vitacare food for the soul goodmorning 18 grains

Studies show that taking grains can maintain good health, enhance physical and mental strength, as well as boost energy. It can also reduce the risks of heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes. Grains are excellent source of fiber that can help to improve bowel movement, as well as calcium to help strengthen teeth and bones. It provide longer feeling of fullness too in order to help in prevent obesity.


Improving Your Gut System by New Morning

vitacare food for the soul new morning fibrecleanse forte

“You are not what you eat, you are what you absorb.” Gut health is the key to overall health. 70% of our body immune system resides in the gut. Unhealthy gut is being linked with incomplete digestion and poor nutrition absorption. It can causes variety of health problems such as lethargic, general weakness, poor immunity, poor skin complexion, and digestive problem.

New Morning FibreCleanse Forte is a proprietarily formulated dietary supplement to help improve overall gut health and bowel regularity. It helps restore gut flora, support gut cleansing and hygiene and prevent overgrowth of bad bacteria. Its powerful anti-inflammation and anti-oxidant properties help to support colon tissue health and functions. Its fibre content supplies us with the fibre requirement lacking in our daily diet.

It contains full spectrum of quality soluble and insoluble fibres, powerful anti-inflammatory Moringa Oleifera Extract, rich spectrum of anti-oxidants from 22 natural fruits and vegetables extracts, 3 billion cfu of live cultures (probiotics) and prebiotics, as well as rich plant enzymes.

vitacare food for the soul new morning actizyme

New Morning ActiZyme+ is an advanced formula to support optimal digestion and micro-nutrient absorption based on a local diet. It is recommended for those who suffer from indigestion, weakened or inflamed stomachs and GI tract. It is also recommended for old people who need extra help to improve digestive and gut health.

It is specifically formulated with DigeSEB, a premium all-encompassing blend of digestive enzymes to optimize the digestion of our local diet which is high in carbohydrate, fat and proteins. Its proprietary blend of 22 natural fruits and vegetables extract delivers a full spectrum of antioxidants and polyphenols to protect and support a healthy lining for the GI tract and reduce stomach and gut inflammation.

vitacare food for the soul goodmorning 18 grains halia

You can purchase all these products at Vitacare outlets. For more information, please visit www.vitacare.com.my.


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