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Indonesian Household Brand ‘Container Kebab’ Now At Malaysia
14 Jun

Indonesian Household Brand ‘Container Kebab’ Now At Malaysia

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Thanks to the wonderful invitation, I recently went to the MOU signing ceremony of PT Baba Rafi Indonesia and Container Kebab Sdn Bhd (master franchisee) to bring in the brand Container Kebab to Malaysia. It will be a revamped, upgrade and fresh outlook of an already loved product to suit the taste buds of the Malaysian.

container kebab baba rafi malaysia hendy sentiono founder

Founded by Hendy Sentiono in 2003 under the brand Baba Rafi, this self made entrepreneur has since grown his empire spanning over 1,300 outlets in Indonesia alone. Apart from being a household name in Indonesia, it has presence in 9 countries as well, making it the world’s biggest kebab chain.

container kebab baba rafi malaysia food

Offering mainly kebab based products from shawarma to various tortillas and combos based at on-the-go concept, Container Kebab also serves burgers and hotdog to satisfy the western and fast food palate. Series of rice based products will be introduced to fit the Malaysian consumers’ demands.

container kebab baba rafi malaysia outlet

Aim to be the largest, most profitable and influential kebab chain in the world, Container Kebab is designed to be an affordable, tasty and healthy alternative to the general public.

container kebab baba rafi malaysia design

Available outdoor and indoor, the outlet is designed to be an affordable small enterprise with the goal to empower small time business owner and entrepreneurs. Not too costly on the operational expenditure, it will be chic with modern concept and industrial design. Container Kebab Sdn Bhd will implement a straight-forward stall format but comprehensively organised, structured with proper SOP to not only ensure quality but also to easily assist the outlet operators.

container kebab baba rafi malaysia kenny poh ceo

“Kami juga bersedia untuk bekerjasama dengan mana-mana usahawan yang berminat untuk mengusahakan perniagaan Container Kebab melalui skim ‘licensing’ atau kerjasama perniagaan ‘joint venture’. Model perniagaan Container Kebab adalah lebih berkemampuan berbanding dengan jenama rangkaian makanan yang lain, di mana kos dalam lingkungan RM120,000 hingga RM150,000 dipakej khusus untuk menarik minat pengusaha kecil dan sederhana serta usahawan yang ingin menceburi bidang perniagaan F&B,” explained Kenny Poh, CEO of Container Kebab Sdn Bhd.

container kebab baba rafi malaysia mou

A tasty proven recipe that is both affordable, healthy, and specifically fit for the South East Asian palate, I am looking forward for the opening of Container Kebab first outlet at Wangsa Walk Mall soon in July 2018.

container kebab baba rafi malaysia team

For those who are interested to carry this affordable and easily managed business that is already a household name in South East Asia, please contact Mr Kenny Poh at 6016-932 1663 or email to [email protected]

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